Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Gail Benoit Video

There is a new Gail Benoit video on You Tube posted by an unknown individual showing someone thinking about buying a puppy from Gail, and then it goes to a phone call where Gail is trying to sell herself to the prospective buyer. It's a really interesting exchange - because it shows how Gail is trying to minimize what happened last summer when she sold 21 dogs - all of whom died after she bought 27 (here she says she bought 28 dogs) from Chapman kennels - and because of the way she treats dogs - they all got parvo and died. But she says in this video that she is always going to sell puppies and there's nothing anyone can do about - that is the business she is in.

Actually - there is something someone can do about it - and that is the Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty. If they could build a case of cruelty to animals that would stick in a court of law - and if the justice system would believe in the laws that have been written in Nova Scotia to actually get a conviction that includes a lifetime ban on the ownership of animals - that would shut down hers and her partners business. But unfrotunately - we have been shown in 2001 when they were convicted of cruelty then and banned from ownership (which was turned over on appeal because of technicalities) and recently with the MacIsaac's case - that neither the justice system believes in itself - or the NS SPCA seems to be able to build strong enough cases - to actually shut down humans who actually are purposely endangering animals.

All we are left with is SPCA's who seems to joyously kill animals that come into their shelters (ie Cape Breton SPCA) and animal control departments who seize and attempt to destroy animals that aren't actually dangerous to the public - making their owners take serious risks.


  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Not sure how to warn people so maybe you can please, Gail Benoit has an ad on kijiji now for a puppy, I just spoke to her on the phone, the link to the ad is-

    her email address is-

    her phone # is 902-247-9312

  2. I sent the information along to the army of people who are watching her - thanks for the info!!


  3. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Oooooo...we can send Gail Christmas wishes now...LOL

    Thanks for the head's up!

    ang & nelly

  4. That's FUNNY Angela! I guess with that information that we all can, now! haha! Good idea! haha!