Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chapman Kennels kills 175 dogs and no one cares

The news article that I posted on the weekend about the court case that Chapman kennels had against the Benoits and the Benoits had against Chapman Kennels and ended with the sentence - "Chapman said they’ve had to sell the remaining dogs at reduced prices, or give them away, and euthanized about 175 of them" - has really shook me.

They killed 175 of their dogs and no one seems to have noticed or cared. No news organization has picked up on that fact, no Humane Organization has picked up on it and spoken out, no one has said anything or made any statement.

How did they kill that many dogs all at once? Did they find a vet willing to kill that many dogs all at once? Or did they do it themselves? How did they do it?

2 Amish farmers in Pennsylvania caused national outrage this summer when they shot and killed 80 of their dogs after receiving notification that they had to get them veterinary care for flea bites - they killed them rather than get them help. How was that any different than what the Chapman's have done? Why is there any less outrage?

I think that what has happened up there is awful - the Chapman's murdered 175 of their dogs - and they've gotten away with it. And they're blaming it on the public and everybody but themselves and the puppy mill they were running - they said they had 425 dogs on their farm. That is disgusting.


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I left the previous comment about this and I too am staggered by the number. It's hard to believe it was almost a throw-away line in the news story. It was more newsworthy than the outcome of that bullshit lawsuit filed by the Benoits.

    I do wonder, though, if the 175 is accurate. Like you, I questioned how that could be possible. It's sickening to think about.

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Again I think the biggest problem as always is that this is legal. It's unbelievable really. And it's unfortunate that the only thing that will stop a sack of poo like this chapman woman from doing this is fear of incarcaration but obviously she has no morals or feelings.

    ang & nelly

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Hi again...I wish I had the time to do this right now but if someone could find out what shops the chapmans typically supply this would be good information for the public to have. When people purchase a puppy from a store they think this is okay. I have a family member who purchased a small mixed breed dog from a "vet clinic" in Moncton. When someone like that puts their stamp of approval on something it looks good to joe public. And especially if they can say came from chapman kennels in NB. Someone who didn't know better would think this was a good thing.

    I would happily post the information on my http://maritimedogs.com website under the breeders section for NB so people know where NOT to shop.

    Anyway...wish I had time to do an expose but just too busy.

    Although if I find the time it might be fun to write an article for their local papers. I would happily interview miss chapman. Bud Wheatley was such great fun a few years back...LOL

    ang & nelly

  4. I am also wondering about this. Do they have the means to euthanize dogs? How do they do it? I'm sure a vet wouldn't have done it. Also, how did they dispose of the bodies? I used to work at an animal shelter in NB and we occasionally had to euthanize dogs when their was no other option for them, and we used injections that were provided to use by a vet and then disposed of the bodies in our own private crematorium. I'm sure a place like Chapman doesn't have anything like that. What did they do? We need to find out!

  5. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Maybe someone could contact the reporter who did the original story to do a follow up story from the qusitios that have been raised in your blog.RG

  6. That's an excellent idea!


  7. I DID go and leave a comment on the blog post at the Carlton Free Press - and this is what I said:

    Is there anyway you can post another entry about this story? How can any “breeder” have 425 dogs? How can ANY breeder KILL 175 dogs? This summer Amish farmers killed 80 of their dogs in Pennsylvania because they were told to get vet treatment for flea bites for their dogs, and instead of doing that they went through their kennels and shot them all. How did the Chapmans KILL 175 dogs? DId they find a vet willing to kill all those dogs? I can’t believe a vet would do that. DId they do it themselves? How did they do it? If they did it themselves - how did they dispose of the bodies? There is a larger story here - why hasn’t any news organization picked up on this story? This is a real abomination - and NEEDS to be followed up!!!!!!! I think it behooves the Carlton Free Press to take the lead on this story and expose this horrible puppy mill that appears to be one of the worst perhaps that’s ever been in operation in New Brunswick!!!!

    Joan Sinden


  8. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Excellent Joan!Now if they do or if they don't do a follow up you should make their fespose public.RG

  9. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Hey Joan, Anthony Cooper here with the Carleton FreePress. You may not remember me but I may have interviewed you a long time ago when I worked (freelance) for the Halifax Herald...

    Anyway, I got forwarded your comment. Basically, I was also shocked when Chapman told me himself that he euthanized 175 dogs after the business dried up because of the SPCA charge... Your commenters are right, the whole thing does seem to warrant more digging on my part. all I can say for now is that he told me this number himself, so I have no reason to doubt it's accuracy.

    Basically, because Chapman and his wife have been charged by the SPCA and the matter is currently before the courts, there's not much further I can dig into this story until his trial is over. (The trial is Nov. 28)

    If we started interviewing his former employees etc. (which we hope to do after the trial) we could be in contempt of court for prejudicing the trial.

    Stay tuned...

  10. I do not see how it can be legal for Chapman to carry out these so-called euthanizations. Here it is the job of the SPCA to determine whether this is true.
    I am glad to see that an investigation is underway. I disagree with the reporter here, however; unless a judge issues a specific warning, why not go ahead and do the digging??
    Also, a side note: I strongly protest the use of the word, especially when prefaced with "humane". Euthanization really means a mercy killing, when a living being is in great pain and has no chance to recover from illness or injury. The word should not be used to disguise killings that are nothing more than senseless destruction of life. Inn my opinion, there is nothing humane about killing a perfectly healthy animal, regardless of how it is done.

  11. Anonymous10:41 AM

    It apears that the Carleton Free Press has gone out of business a victum of a larger press monopoly. So the chance of a follow up article is doubtful.RG

  12. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I have visited the Chapman kennel in the past, the pet store that they supplied is Pets Unlimited, this pet store had 2 kennels that were under contract with them, the Chapman kennel & another one somewhere in the maritimes, I was never able to find out where the second one was located, but it is much bigger than the Chapman kennel. I am sickened that they chose to kill 175 dogs, how can they get away with that!!

  13. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I posted the previous comment with the pet store name, perhaps the following comment should be in another section, feel free to move or use info as you wish, not that far away from the Chapmans kennel is one that is much much worse! This one has approx 40-50 dogs, owners info is- Dale Stafford 33 Vinegar Road, Zealand, NB, E6L 2K2 Walls of built in TINY kennels, from floor to ceiling, put your arm in to pat a dog & your arm will be covered in feces, each kennel are probably approx 18 inches high 24 inches wide maybe about 20 inches from front to back, when a female is in heat, he puts the male into that tiny kennel with the female & leaves them, the kennel is frequently inspected by the spca, the spca continues to allow this kennel to remain open, the following is a link to his current kijiji ad http://saintjohn.kijiji.ca/c-pets-dogs-puppies-for-sale-Toy-Poodle-Pups-W0QQAdIdZ91129641

  14. To the person who is leaving the information about the kennel that is like Chapman Kennels - I went to Kijiji and was able to grab a bunch of other postings that this kennel has made in Saint John and Fredericton and Moncton - the photos of those poor dogs is heartbreaking! I have an especially soft heart for poodles - so those photos killed me. They were having a sale a couple weeks ago - only $200 - I wonder if they had a bunch die on them or something. I'm going to try and find out anything I can about them.

  15. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Joan Sinden, to my knowledge this kennel has not had a problem with sick dogs or puppies. With the exception of socialization skills. They do have a hard time however selling puppies. Not sure why, unless potential owners are viewing the kennel, that would be the problem.

  16. Anonymous1:45 AM

    I have been following this story ever since it has started. First of all it is great to sit on here and talk about this but come on people get real talking is great but act on things.Nobody is going to do anything if someone does not start. Since I visited a few people that said they were breeders and then go see the pups and it is a puppy mill I have became a member of DRNA(duschund rescue of north america) I can be proud that I have helped in closing down 3 puppy mills this year alone. I know it does not seem like much but it is a start. Please if you are all concerned for these poor animals and think something should be done ACT!!!! Get ahold of your SPCA get ahold of your council members. Call everyone you can think of,These poor animals are not brought into this world to be treated like this.Do some thing,The more people that do act on this situation we will get results, the organizations that are out there can not ignore everyone.
    Thank you for atleast having a voice most people sit back and say nothing.

  17. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Hello,, to all of you,,
    If there is anyone out there that has any info on the chapmans..
    I need it!!!!!
    I also am not understanding why.the news is not involved here..

    Also to the lady here that has the ads that they had on the kijiji site for puppy sal in june-- july..I need them please..

    I have lost my copy,,and they are a real bunch of dirty people ( the 2 of them )
    I have a video tape that prooves it all,,chapman admitting he has herpeis virus in the kennels and alot more..





  18. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Don't forget to post the results of this Court case!!

    The Chapman Kennels were found NOT GUILTY!!

    It looks like a lot of people didn't get the right information before denegrating!
    Who was the Premier that made killing your own animals or things like Beaver, legal?? mckenna?
    How many court cases are the spca losing this summer? All of them!

  19. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Anon 2.23 must therefore be a liar.
    I didn't see them at the trial!

    It would be a real benefit to society if people used their heads.

  20. Anonymous6:11 PM

    There is no such thing as herpeis virus.
    But Herpes virus is found in Humans. First sign is muddled confusion. lol

  21. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I believe these are old posts but wondering if there are still issues with this breeder. I know someone that was in contact regarding a puppy and now have seen some disturbing information regarding Dale Stafford in Zealand. Can anyone help me with an recent information on this breeder.

    1. If they are still in business I would not buy a puppy from them based on their past breeding practices - the puppies may look initially healthy - but their breeding stock I'm sure is not bred for long healthy lives and you may end up with an adult dog that has health problems in the end - hip, knee, long life problems that will expensive to deal with - like any puppy bought from a puppy mill - I would steer clear of any puppy reared from a puppy mill - Joan

  22. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Thanks so much. I just needed someone to confirm the things I was reading.

    1. Just for my own information - where are you reading things about Dale Stafford?

  23. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I searched his name and saw this blog and also heard to be cautious from someone that had gotten a dog in the past.