Monday, October 13, 2008

Jackie being the cutest little dog

Jack decided that he wanted to take one of his toys to bed with us tonight.
He doesn't like stuffed animals - he only likes squeaky toys - and boy - does he like to guard them! You can't tell in these shots that he's growling at me because my camera is getting too close to his elephant!
But he is just TOO cute when he's playing with his squeaky toys - all of the sudden you'll hear behind you, "squeak, squeak" - and it's Jack with his toy. After a shitty life - isn't it nice to still be able to want to squeak toys?
I think it's a beautiful thing - We have now been in bed for 35 minutes - and Jack is STILL squeaking that toy and making sure that no one gets in the bedroom to come near that green elephant. He's having a hell of a time.

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