Thursday, September 18, 2008

What can you do?

Hearing about the fact that Gail Benoit is still selling puppies - and that they're still dying of parvo - it's like - how can this be happening? Why does this woman do this? How can she continue to do this? Why would anyone with any ounce of humanity put an animal where something like the parvo virus lives - and not expect the puppies to catch it - and then not take the blame?

And then we have the NS SPCA - the only organization in the province empowered to enforce the Animal Cruelty and Prevention Act - who knows that this woman is operating - quite openly - her business is registered at the Joint Registry of Stocks - and her customers who have puppies die - go to the SPCA to complain - so they have their stories - and she continues to operate.

And how does this happen? There is no one in this province BUT the SPCA who can shut her down. And yet they haven't. People can say that we are being unfairly critical of that organization - but how can we not be when we see shit like this continue to go on unabated - and Gail Benoit practically thumb her nose at that organization and the public as well?

And then at the end of August the NS SPCA puts out a press release in response to the Benoit situation where they said in part -

"the Nova Scotia SPCA strongly encourages people to adopt from their local SPCA,
veterinary clinic or retail satellite adoption centre, as the responsible alternative to purchasing pets from pet stores that do not partner with the SPCA or roadside brokers and backyard breeders."

Now THAT'S really strongly wording and warning the public, isn't it.... STRONGLY ENCOURAGES... I'm really scared of people like Gail Benoit after reading stuff like that....

I think that the cruelty enforcement aspect of the NS SPCA has become a complete farce - and people like Gail Benoit really do have full ability to do whatever they want to do in this province.

And Kijiji is also allowed to do whatever it wants too - I don't think Kijiji should be able to get away scot free either - that web site should also not be posting live animals - and allowing people to do it anonymously with no repurcussions. That is also completely disgusting and unacceptable.


  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I agree Joan, pathetic and completely unacceptable and she has to be stopped. Are they so screwed up at the SPCA STILL scrapping amongst themselves to actually put more charges on her? WHY is it that others can be shut down completely and this ONE woman and her partner are permitted, yes permitted by the SPCA to continue. They can certainly pull a warrant or a legal document out of their hat, purse or whatever when they have someone else in their "sights" so why are they so scared of Gail????? Didn't she have some decision overturned (prohibition) back a few years? Perhaps that is why no one wants to tackle her and her attorney; apparently they had it over turned due to the "incompetency of the SPCA." They don't want to have to swallow that pill again. BUTTTTT THEY MUST DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS....THIS IS CRIMINAL AND YES, SHE IS SNUBBING HER NOSE AT EVERYONE, INCLUDING ANYONE WHO MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT HER. They better focus in on her a lot closer; her lawyer said on one of her tv spots that "they" have been trying to get Gail for 25 years and have ruined her reputation. A class action suit is what is needed; and if the SPCA doesn't shape up, they may be just getting on or two themselves.

  2. Anonymous7:14 AM

    one word injunction!!!!!