Friday, September 19, 2008

Kijiji Selling Animals talked about on the news tonight

So tonight news piece was about the fact that Kijiji allows the sale of live animals on it's website - a fact which when Kijiji was first launched in January 2006 - we in the rescue community tried to have stopped. When it was first launched I posted about it here, and wrote to the Kijiji admin about it - and they wrote back saying that they'd get back to me - but of course they never did.

Kijiji is owned by Ebay - and they forbid the sale of live animals on Ebay - so it didn't make sense that Kijiji would sell live animals.

One thing that I wanted to talk about was the fact it is REALLY frustrating that every time this topic is in the news - Kijiji selling animals, Gail Benoit in the news, puppy mills in the news, any kind of rescue story in the news - we - the people who they contact to get information about the news item - have to start at zero with our story. It's like the media doesn't watch the news themselves.

It's like the story last night about Gail Benoit and them saying that their story was a "new tack on the puppy dying story" - that the fact that the puppy was bought on Kijiji was a new horrible aspect of the story - well - that's how all these puppies have been bought all along - and this reporter last night had no idea about that. You'd think at least Dave Wright would remember from one time to the next at least a little bit about these stories. It's so frustrating.

It's almost like - how CAN we expect the public to learn anything about Gail Benoit and puppy mills if the media doesn't learn anything about them from one time to the next? Each time a puppy dies - it's like they're hearing about Gail Benoit for the first time. And it's like there's nothing we can do about it - and we are at the mercy of how their sound bite "tie it all in a neat bow" reporting - according to the information that they've been able to gather in the last 2 or 3 hours that they've been assigned the topic for that night's news report.

And we also have a new record this time I think. As of 1am on Saturday morning - I notice Gail Benoit has her ads back up on Kijiji - usually she lets herself lay low for at least a week or two when she's been in the news -
but she must have some dogs that are close to dying and she needs to dump them fast - because she has 2 ads that are back on Kijiji - one for a teri-poo and one for a "mini-pom" and a tiny spitz - ranging in price from $500 to $850. It should be a good weekend for her I'm thinking. Doesn't it just make you sick?

So I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do about this - maybe make up a press packet so that we can just give it to the reporter when they first contact us so that right at the beginning we can give them a timeline so that they're not starting right at zero when we first start talking to them - so that they have at least a little bit of wariness when they're listening to what she's saying compared to what we're saying.

Here's tonight's news bit:


  1. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Dave Wright ... whoa, there's a name from the past. Talk about starting from scratch *LOL*

    When I watched the piece on the news tonight I wondered where they dug up this "breeder." Sure any business would love to have free advertising, but the reputable ones know that you get what you pay for.

    I know it's frustrating that reporters only ever seem to skim the surface of these issues, but then again, the public is clueless too (hello. Gail Benoit is STILL in business!). As long as the word keeps getting out there over and over and over again about Gail Benoit, kijiji, etc., I think the reports are still valuable.

  2. Anonymous1:44 AM

    I think the biggest problem is that it is totally legal. It all goes back to getting bill C-17passed in legislature that would give pets more rights than cattle.

    Without laws...people simply do not do the right thing. It sucks big time but should we need the government to tell us not to kill people?

    I just don't see how we will get anywhere without legislation because people are often just not good unfortunately.

    No I'm not jaded...LOL

    Anyway...keep fighting the fight gotta try.

    ang & nelly

  3. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I admit I started out with the same thought process that things will not change until dogs are not considered property. BUT was hauled to the matt ..thanks Joan, people are not property and abuse happens, either spousal ,child that won’t fly
    What is needed is education to the general public, regulation in responsible reputable breeders and rescues, as we know anyone can be a breeder or rescuer ..hang out that shingle and you are in business ...does that make them competent and responsible?
    From the emails I have received after this was aired many people are tired of being on the wrong side of an adoption/purchase from whom they perceived as a reputable rescue or breeder. A lady had to rush her dog to the vet after hours after entry to the home because it was so sick with an obvious problem…did the rescue/breeder not know notice this? A placement where either fault of the family or the dog it wasn’t working and they didn’t receive any help …did the rescuer / breeder take responsibly for it?
    The department of agriculture appears to be open to discussion on regulation of rescues.. the breeders are regulated by the CKC. One of the important things missed in the segment was the follow through, anyone can adopt out a dog, but those with morals and ethics whether recues or breeders will put the dog first, if the dog has health issues or the placement isn’t correct they will take steps to rectify this problem.
    All I can think is those that aren’t part of the solution, are part of the problem
    Here ends the rant
    Annette Armitage, Animal Rescue Coalitions

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Im ashamed to say my mothers aunt in Cape Breton has been a CKC registered breeder for at least 30 years of Japanese Spaniels. We in the family all thought it was horrible, when I was a kid I didnt understand, she had 20 dogs all imbreeding and the pups had severe defects but the ones that looked OK she sold. A few years back she broke her hip and the ambulance had to come to her home and they realized she had 30 dogs all inside the house never seeing the light of day the SPCA put almost all of them down as they all had defects of one kind or another. The CKC knew about it she was ordered by the spca to not have any more than one dog. she now has 18 she has been reported once again to the SPCA and to the CKC. The CKC spoke to her on the phone and thought everything was OK they didnt even go to see the conditions of the dogs. So I wont put any money on the name CKC behind a breeder I know first hand it means nothing. And no matter how many times you call the SPCA they do nothing. So both parties are just a bunch of letters. I dont care if the breeder is CKC registered or not my mothers aunt is the biggest backyard breeder out there and she is CKC registered to boot.


  5. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Well I say, keep fighting the good fight. And don't end up jaded like me :) Someday it will all be okay but you are right, not if you are part of the problem. Education is key...agreed.

    ang & nelly

  6. Anonymous8:07 PM

    CKC breeders and CFA (cat breeders) do regularly post ads for kittens and puppies of info on their kennel/cattery. It is no different then newspapers or websites. It is the breeder themselves that have to do the appropriate interviewing and research on the buyer when they come to visit. How the person finds out that they have puppies really should not have an effect on that process. Things such as Kijiji, newspaper are way to get info out. What one does with the info is another thing. Many top breeders across the country will and do post ads about their kennels as a way of getting the info out. Whether they allow a puppy or kitten go without the appropriate process is another thing. How would you advise that people get the info out that they have puppies and kittens if not the paper, kijiji or other avenues of advertising? If people interview prospective buyers as they would if they just happened to come to their do then what is the difference?

  7. The problem that I hope a responsible breeder would have with it is that I would hope they wouldn't want their ads anywhere near an ad that Gail Benoit or someone of her level is. Who would want to use the same advertising media as a person like Gail Benoit? I certainly wouldn't. It's like using the lowest common denominator. Very distasteful.


  8. Anonymous8:37 PM

    It doesn't make sense that because someone really bad uses an advertising method that other shouldn't. The actual method has nothing to do with how the puppies are raised and how the perspective buyers are interviewed.
    I guess if you say that then no one should get a rescue from the SPCA or any other place that Celtic Pets was affliated with at some point as they must all be bad. Hell maybe using the internet at all is bad. It is still advertising. If people are to stupid to do the appropriate interviewing, testing etc then what you say or do won't have affect as they could care less that is why they do it that way. Kijiji is a means to get info out whether it be bad or good as any website or blog on the internet is. What people do with it is what counts and educating people (buyers and breeders) on that is the only way you can make a difference. Punishing the good will not make the bad go away!I is only logical that people will use a means of advertising that is available to them.

  9. Anonymous11:11 PM

    I don't know anything about CKC breeders, only what I have heard mentioned by different people in rescue community groups. But it is my understanding that a "reputable" registered breeder already has homes for the litters prior to (in come cases, them being born) and have contracts and standards that they adhere to and stand behind. Again, this is hearsay but it would interesting to hear the views on this. You can't open a hair dressing salon in this province without being licensed/inspected, etc. so if such rigorous means are put in place for these types of businesses for humans, why is there not more higher standards of care, licensing, proper housing, etc. for registered breeders which, with the help of the govt. and the SPCA could once and for all put a major dent in the BYB's that are all over this province. The Bargain Hunter, Maritime Merhcant, Kijiji, they are all GUILTY.

    Feedback??? Don't kill me for asking!!

  10. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Yes! Reputable breeders often have placements lined up but that is not why they breed so they may not always. It is definitely preferred but a reputable breeder first breeds for themselves when they are wanting something for their program/showing and want to breed closer to their ideal in relation to the CKC standard. Yes they have contracts that they put in place. You would be amazed at how many people on a list will not be quite ready or back out at last minute. I think when people(reputable breeders) post ads it is a last resort to find a good home for their pet puppies but reputable breeders don't breed for pet/companion puppies. A breeder using kijiji or any other service is no different then rescues posting ads on it. If it is so bad then they shouldn't even post ads for their fundraisers. It also is no different then petfinder. It is an online advertising site. Their are contracts/etc. in place for people who contact a rescue through petfinder as there is for people who would contact a reputable breeder through online sites. It is narrow minded to say that it is okay for rescues to use the internet and various sites to advertise but not okay for a breeder (reputable). Yes, of course, like rescues they should have contracts, questionnaires, references etc prepared to make the right decision when someone comes to them for a pup. It has nothing to do with an advertising site as that is like saying someone kills because they watched a violent movie. No! It is the character of the individual in the first place. Try educatig people in what they should look for when they go to a breeders to pick out a loving companion. You would be amazed at how many people still dont' know who Gail Benoit is. There are many Gail Benoits out there and to say that people shouldn't buy from Gail is not big enough. You need to educate people on what they should look for and what price they will pay in the end when buying from one of these types. A lot of times pet stores are even more expensive then a pet pup from a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders are not trying to make money they are trying to perserve a breed! Then again all the educating and shutting down of sites will not effect some people going to people like Gail as they just don't have the same value of life in animals as you or I do. There are many people out there that don't think of animals as anything more then something to protect there house or livestock and if one dies then can always get another. You will never change those people though I beleive the numbers are becoming smaller.

  11. Anonymous9:03 AM

    just keep doing what you are doing PLEASE!!!! i do not alway comment but i always READ, and i know there are lots of us out there that read your blog. keep your newsletter going! keep education the stupid people, never give up

  12. Anonymous9:16 PM

    I know for a FACT that JoAnne Sarty does NOT run a puppy mill.