Friday, August 1, 2008

No news doesn't mean no news

I've been on vacation for the last 2 days - so I have been busy away from the computer. I've bought a new (to me) car so I no longer have a boat to drive - a humungous Ford Taurus station wagon - I've now got a tiny Pontiac Wave - and all the dogs still fit in it. I just can't cart around 1/2 the contents of my house now, in addition to all the dogs.

Today Silvia Jay came to meet my dogs - I was figuring that she was going to tell me that I had trained my dogs all wrong and had made a terrible mess of them, but she didn't have hardly any advice to give me - she said they were all pretty good dogs. That means a lot coming from the person who I consider to be the best dog trainer who has lived in Nova Scotia - and maybe all of Canada - in a very long time.Silvia seemed to like all the dogs though - and the dogs definitely liked Silvia - especially they liked the pouch at the front of her belly - it had treats in it! haha!

Tonight my Dad and me drive down in my new car to Hubbard's and went to the Shore Club for supper for lobster. Lobster is just about my favourite thing to eat in the whole world. I love lobster.

And in the washroom at the Shore Club I found something else that is among my favourite things in the whole world - an object de art of drift wood, rope and buoys!

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