Friday, August 1, 2008

DOG Update

DOG has settled into her new foster home very well - her foster Mom has 2 dogs of her own - a male dog who is a look alike to Daisy, and he has fallen in love with DOG like Charlie did.
The female is ignoring DOG - for some reason spayed females don't seem to care too much for unspayed females - but DOG is still such a young puppy - that I'm sure by now even Zena has started to play with DOG.
But as of today - August 1st - DOG is still looking for a new home - she is a perfect little orange and black dog with no issues - 9 months old - who is waiting for someone to live a long life with - she's going to be a great dog for someone. DOG's adoption information is on Petfinder at - and her photo there is just the cutest!

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