Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Greatest Thing ever invented by a Nova Scotian - the Clicker Leash!!

I am so proud that 3 friends of mine - Adina MacRae, Amy Slaunwhite, and Shannon Spruin have unknowingly to most - been working for the last 3 years - and invented an amazing thing that is going to take the dog training world by storm. It's called a "clicker leash" - and it is such a neat idea that it's amazing no one's ever thought of it before.
It simplifies the act of clicking when you are doing clicker training with your dog because you don't have to try to hold a clicker in your hand AND hold a leash a leash at the same time because the clicker IS the leash - and the little button that makes the clicking noise is in such an ergonomic spot that you can really precisely time the click with the treat and or desired behaviour. The whole device and idea is really genius.

It comes in 2 sizes - for dogs under 25 pounds and dogs over 25 pounds - and it also comes with educational materials as well - and also comes with a trainer locator - because Adina, Shannon and Amy know how important it is that you learn about clicker training from someone who's qualified to teach it.

I ordered mine today - I hope I was able to beat the rush - because they're probably going to be getting a TON of orders - they've got ads that are going into Modern Dog, Animal Wellness, Bark, Clean Run and Dog Sport Magazines!

Their website is at http://www.clickerleash.com/

They've also got a program called "Train Humane" that goes along with the clicker leash - that is going to change the way a lot of people think about dog training - which is also going to be awesome - and it all started here in little Nova Scotia. Isn't that super!


  1. awesome news! Congratulations to Adina & Amy (and Shannon too although I don't know her, lol!). This is the first I've heard of this and what a neat idea!

  2. Anonymous1:49 AM

    Really cool! I would like one but not sure if 3 feet is long enough for me at 5'9 1/2 and my papillons. :)

  3. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Just wondering...did you get one of these and do you like it?
    Would it be suitable for someone new to Clicker training?
    Also would it be too late to start clicker training with a 4yr old dog(Lab)?