Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another thing on the NS SPCA website

Another thing I saw on the NS SPCA website when I was there today was a press release put out on August 5th -

August 5, 2008
Halifax, NS
Nova Scotia SPCA Champions Improved Laws to Protect Animals
and Responsible Pet Ownership
As the investigative body for animal cruelty in the province, the Nova Scotia SPCA is dedicated to conducting detailed and thorough investigations. Our investigators diligently prepare solid, convincing cases for the prosecution. However, once a case is turned over to the Crown Prosecutor, it is up to the courts to interpret and apply the law enshrined in the Animal Cruelty Act. The proposed changes to the Act that were introduced in May as a result of collaboration between the Nova Scotia SPCA and the Department of Agriculture will give the SPCA broader powers and eliminate loopholes.
The Nova Scotia SPCA would like to express our sincere gratitude to the provincial government, and the Department of Agriculture in particular, for recognizing the need for modernized animal cruelty legislation and for their support in drafting the proposed new law. The Nova Scotia SPCA urges their members and the public to contact their MLA to voice their support for the proposed legislation and for tougher penalties for those found guilty of animal cruelty.
Furthermore, the Nova Scotia SPCA strongly encourages people to adopt from their local SPCA, veterinary clinic or retail satellite adoption centre, as the responsible alternative to purchasing pets from pet stores that do not partner with the SPCA or roadside brokers and backyard breeders. SPCAs in Nova Scotia are overflowing with young and adult animals who deserve loving new homes. Often, adoption fees include vaccinations, a veterinary health check, microchipping, and the pet’s spay or neuter operation, making adoption not only a humane option, but an affordable one as well.
For those interested in a specific breed of dog or cat, there are many breed-specific rescues in Nova Scotia that can help match adopters to lifetime companions. The Nova Scotia SPCA also supports acquiring pets from reputable breeders who take responsibility for their animals for their entire lives, educate and screen potential new owners, and provide follow-up support after purchase or adoption.
For more information, please contact animals@spcans.ca.

This is great - and what is needed - it must have been put out in response to what was going on with the Gail Benoit case in the news - it's a shame though that I don't remember seeing any news organization picking it up locally. The Chronicle Herald should have put it in the newspaper at the time. There are lots of other ways that they could have gotten their views out though - they have an email list that they send out emails to is one way.

Someone left a comment on my prevous post about the available SPCA positions that " it's shameful that your membership was ever revoked and that it has not yet been reinstated"

There were 5 people who had their memberships revoked by the Board of Directors of the NS SPCA - and most of those Directors are still sitting on that Board. I personally believe that just having our memberships reinstated isn't good enough. Our memberships were revoked in an attempt to publicly humiliate us and to attack our reputations in the dog community. And when you read the letters - especially mine and Janet Chernin's they amount to libel - and they were approved and done with the UNANIMOUS CONSENT of the Board of Directors of the NS SPCA - most of whom are still sitting on the Board.

For me - they said I had procured a dog illegally from the NS SPCA - I
adopted Jack from the Animal Rescue Coalitions. They were threatening
to have their Cruelty Inspectors come to my house to seize Jack from
me so that they could put him in a cage.

The 5 people who had their memberships revoked were some of the
hardest working volunteers - and former board members of the NS SPCA -
and they were summarily dismissed by the Board of Directors because
they were trying to expose what was going on behind the closed doors
of the organization - and I don't think the organization is healthy
enough yet to give us our memberships back. I certainly would not
feel comfortable getting my membership back. And at this stage I
wouldn't accept my membership back because it would feel entirely

I don't know how everyone else feels - but just having it reinstated
is meaningless.


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    The memberships need to be reinstated and apologies from the board need to be issued publicly with the admission that they were WRONG.

    -Marc and Jenny

  2. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Frankly, I think it's time to euthanize the NS SPCA. It's too compromised.
    Wipe the slate clean and found a new organization, a humane society. Avoid lucrative contracts. Open a shelter away from the pollution of Burnside, somewhere with room for runs. Stay away from trying to serve as law enforcement, leave that to the authorities already financed by taxes. At the same time, the latter desperately need to clean up their act: proper legislation, proper job requirements, and proper appeals.

  3. Anonymous9:53 PM