Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NS SPCA Volunteer Positions available

I think maybe I made a post about this previously - but there are several volunteer positions that the NS SPCA is advertising for on their website - there are also several that have closed recently, and hopefully the successful applicants will be announced shortly.

Those positions are the interim President, Vice President, and Directors at Large. Interviews have already taken place - and I know that people have been offered positions for some of those tasks already - so hopefully announcements will be forthcoming shortly.

Other postings that will be interesting are for the paid position of "Funding development officer" - that position pays $36,000 - $40,000 and responsibilities include developing a provincial fundraising strategy, building relationships with individiauls and community leaders throughout Nova Scotia, and forming fund development initiatives to secure and maintain supporters in both spirit and sponsorship. That deadline for application was August 22nd - so hopefully an announcement will come out about that soon too.

Another interesting posting is for "Metro Shelter Capital Campaign Committee Membmers" - it says:

"The Nova Scotia SPCA is currently researching a new facility that would combine investigations and a provincial animal shelter in the Metro Halifax area. A search has begun to form a committee to document this ressearch and create a ten year plan to replace the current facility."

What is a "provincial animal shelter"? Would animals come in from all over the province? And it would replace the Dartmouth Metro shelter? So the provincial branch would really then actually have it's own shelter and the Dartmouth shelter would close down? Is that what this is saying?

And then lastly - there are a bunch of Education Committee's that have people needed to fill their spots - there are heads of committee's needed -

There is a Chair for the "Outreach Committee"
There is a need for a "Funding Support Officer"
They need "Committee members"
They need "Outreach volunteers"

Positions on the Education Committee's that they've already filled -
They've filled the Chair for Content Creation
They've filled the Media Officer position
and they've found someone to be the Metro Shelter Education Officer

If you want position descriptions for any of these you can go to the NS SPCA's website and get click on the relevant section from their main page

You may wonder, am I going to apply for any of these positions - or did I apply for any of the higher up positions? And the answer to that is - No, I did not - and No, I will not be applying for any of the lower positions either.

I am not now, or will not be volunteering to work with the NS SPCA.

On April 17, 2008 I received a letter from the Board of Directors of the NS SPCA rejecting my membership from the organization - and I have yet to receive any kind of notice that my memberhship has been restored, or that they made a mistake in revoking it - or that the things that they said in the letter were not correct. So I have only to believe that the things that were said in the letter are still believed by the Board of Directors currently sitting at each meeting every month currently. Which to me doesn't say too much about the future of the organization.

But it's pretty hard to volunteer for an organization that doesn't want you as a member, so I'll advertise that it wants help, but I can't very well help it myself, now - can I? I don't why I keep going to it's functions and giving it money - I just can't help myself for some reason.

Hopefully the new blood will help a bit - but we'll see what happens next April. Probably nothing.


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    You`re helping greatly here!
    I think being outside of Organizations is better.
    No one controls you.
    That is key.
    Sometimes the Politics within Organizations/Groups/Gov`t is worse.

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I think Lee Ann Tibbo should run for one of the positions as she certainly has LOTS to say behind the scenes and seems to have lots of ideas on how things should be operated. It's time to let those who want all the changes and have all the ideas, walk the walk not just talk the talk.

  3. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I agree. For now, you're probably doing much more for the animals of this province from outside the system than within. Lets hope all current and future volunteers read your blog and others.

    That said, it's shameful that your membership was ever revoked and that it has not yet been reinstated. Petty actions by petty people.

  4. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Frankly, I think it's time to euthanize the NS SPCA. It's too compromised.
    Wipe the slate clean and found a new organization, a humane society. Avoid lucrative contracts. Open a shelter away from the pollution of Burnside, somewhere with room for runs. Stay away from trying to serve as law enforcement, leave that to the authorities already financed by taxes. At the same time, the latter desperately need to clean up their act: proper legislation, proper job requirements, and proper appeals.