Monday, July 21, 2008

Walking and peeing in the woods

Tonight we went for our first walk in the woods since Buttercup's surgery - and boy was Daisy happy about it! It's been all boring leash walks until now.
Buttercup was very happy to tip-toe to the tulips and pee everywhere she could.
Buttercup and Jack were walking unfettered and fancy free
We run into this guy called Bud every once in a while - Daisy is deeply in love with him - I think it may be because he still has his "bits and pieces" - Daisy goes all gaa gaa and dances around him and acts like a little girl. It is SO funny - but I love it when we run into him and his Dad - Daisy always has such a good time.
This is Buttercup just before she asked me to pick her up for the remainder of the walk - she is down to 15 pounds and her back legs are just like little sticks - we'll build them up slowly though - her attitude is awesome though - so we'll get back to a walking Buttercup.

Here is Buttercup modelling my newest book that I talked about earlier today - no one ever said I wasn't the queen of impulse purchases - you should get out to Bayer'e Lake - there's only 3 copies left!

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