Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update on a dog named Shiloh

I talked about a dog named Shiloh when I used to be the webmaster for the website blinddogs.com - he was a dog who had been in a cage at a vet clinic for SIX and going on SEVEN years down in Tennessee. He was discovered at the vet clinic by a rescuer - and when she found him she couldn't turn her back and she had to do something about it.
Which she did - and he eventually got out and into a foster home where he stayed for a few months - with a beautiful couple named Jeff and Linda - and then eventually into his forever home with a woman named Maria.

The final adoption of Zeus into his forever home made me think of Shiloh - and whether he was still happy and living in his final forever home, so I emailed his former foster parents - and I'm happy to report that he is still living forever happily after.

Living 7 years in a cage did happen to be worth it for him. He gets to go for lots of walks, he gets to go to work every day with his Mom who - oddly enough - works at a vet clinic. He gets to eat lots of ice cream, he gets to sleep on a couch,
he gets to play with cats - he gets all the good stuff that a dog should get. Those 7 years in the cage are now forgotten, or hopefully are just a dim memory.

Perhaps it was good intentions that locked these dogs up in the first place so many years ago - but I think it was grace that unlocked their doors and let them out. I only wish that the dogs who haven't made it to today have had the same good fortune as them. It's really too bad for them.


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    What a great story Joan.

    The lengths people will go to help animals often amazes (and humbles) me. I am somewhat familiar with a small town on the west coast of Mexico. A number of Canadian tourists who spend their winter months there have gone to great lengths to help many of the wandering street dogs, even arranging for some of them to be adopted and taken back to Canada for a much safer and comfortable life.

    Thanks for telling us about Shiloh.

  2. Anonymous12:44 AM

    flake canon

    great story, great dog, great family