Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some New Zeus Photos!

It turns out Zeus's new owner loves taking photos and is an avid photographer, so I'm happy to have some new photos of him.
These seem to be end of day shots, but Zeus has been out rolling around on the grass and playing and jumping and having a very good time on lawns.
He seems to be revelling in his new found freedom and enjoying himself in whatever he's doing and is trying his best to be the very good boy that everybody know that he is.
We're hoping that the next set of photos are going to be taken at the beach at low tide - now those will be some good photos - and I'm sure that Zeus will enjoy the cold sand between his toes too!


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  2. Anonymous2:48 PM

    wonderful, just wonderful!!! go Zeus!!! as for the general pitbull term i --it is the otherway around in my opinion-- americaln pit bull terrier and staffordshire bull terriers are very specific, distinct breed, it is the generalization of all wide skulled short haired breeds being catagorized in a general term "pit bull" that is where things go wrong.

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    AWWW! Good for Zeus! He looks very happy!

  4. Anonymous4:03 PM

    It is so very heart warming to see Zeus in a home, on a soft dog bed, free to walk and roam around in his own home. I want to kiss him all over his beautiful face. I would be very interested to learn what his personality is like, if he is affectionate, appreciative, or just plain ol' loves being a dog! If Zeus could talk what would he say? I think he would say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU GOD!!!!!! I hope the Zeus updates NEVER STOP, because we will certainly never tire of seeing those eyes peeking out at us. HA! and guess what my word verification is at the bottom of this screen!!!!!!! ZEUS!!!!!

  5. To the commenter who's talking about the term pit bull and it's use - I agree with you - and I'm going to change my post - which is the next post in my blog here -

  6. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Thanks for the Zeusie update! My heart skips a beat whenever I see him laying on soft carpet. *swoon*

    I too would love a little update on his personality, even any challenges being met. It would just be nice to flesh out the character who is Zeus that most of us only know -- and love -- through a picture on a website.