Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Idiots Seem to Think that they are Pulling Ahead

PETA are quite happy with themselves right now. They were able to put an ad in the current issue of Dog Fancy magazine - see below - it seems innocuous enough - call this number to get a free gift bag if you've bought yourself a new puppy.
The problem is that when you call the number they tell you it's not a gift bag - it's a body bag for the shelter dog you've killed because you're supporting puppy mills and breeders instead of rescuing a dog from a shelter.

I am the first person to say that shelters and rescues are where you should get your companion animals from - but I am also a strong supporter of responsible breeders - I think that those are what every responsible rescuer should be working towards as the ultimate source of our companion animals. We should be working towards emptying shelters and having responsible breeders being the only way we can access dogs. That to me would be an ideal world - as I'm sure it is for the responsible breeders!

But unfortunately PETA doesn't feel that way - they are saying on the surface here that people who buy puppies are killing a puppy in a shelter - but really - PETA doesn't want anyone to support any kind of companion animal interface. They want to get rid of companion animals altogether because they believe we have enslaved the species of cats and dog - and gerbils and hamsters, and etc. and that it should just be stopped altogether. Any dog they take into their rescue - 97% of them - are killed - because it's better to die than to be placed into a home, only to be enslaved by a human.

So PETA is feeling pretty proud of themselves - they even put out a press release announcing the fact earlier this week.

In another instance of pin-heads thinking they can take over the world - a lady in Seattle Washington was bit by a pit bull last year, and she has made it her mission in life to eradicate the species from the face of the earth. And she's pretty sure she's going to do it. She's started a website and blog called "Dogs bite - and some don't let go" - she's tried to build the blog and website to make it look like it's a national organization, but don't be fooled, it's just her.

She obviously has a "Google Alert" set up so that any news story coming in about pit bulls or breed bans get sent to her email in box - I have the same thing set up myself - and she posts them to her blog - so she's making her site look pretty impressive now.

The problem is - every post says the same thing, and every post targets the wrong end of the leash, and mostly - the wrong dogs. The term "pit bull" is too general - almost all short coated dogs with a wide face could be seen to have characteristics of a pit bull - and 99% of pit bulls will never hurt anyone - so why obliterate a breed that 99% of them will never hurt a fly?

It's because of websites like "dogs bite, and some don't let go" - it gives people the permission to say things like -

"The pro-pit lobby, which is primarily backed by dog fighters and back yard breeders, is losing ground and getting more desperate as public opinion clearly favors public safety over preserving criminals rights to breed these dogs. As more and more communities ban the dogs, dogfighting and breeding operations will be forced into neighboring communities, which will be forced to ban them also when incidents of gruesome attacks happen. needs to keep up the good work of supporting victims and compiling information that tears apart the lies promoted by the for-profit breeder lobby.

That quote comes from a commenter on her page - " Comment Policy" - where she talks about why she only posts comments from people who are pro-pit bull bans.

I found the page AFTER I had left a comment and it wasn't posted, and was wondering why it hadn't been posted because it wasn't mean or rude, I was just confused as to why she was so angry - because otherwise she sounded very intelligent - but she was just so dog-gamned wrong.

And then I found her comments policy page - and I knew why she didn't post my comment - it was because I was the enemy - a pit bull apologist - what she calls a "misguided animal activist". Can you imagine.

Her big thing is that she wants to stop attacks BEFORE they happen - and the only way to do that is by banning pit bulls entirely. I would like to submit though that the same people who own the dogs that are causing the dog bite fatalities - are still going to be walking this earth even if the breed of dog that they've chosen to own up until now does not continue to exist. They will continue to not maintain their fences, chain whatever breed of dog they DO now choose to own, they will continue to not supervise the children they continue to pop out of their bellies. People will continue to die and be maimed. Just by another type of breed - because all dogs bite - and guess what - all dogs hold on if they're not very happy.

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  1. Anonymous11:35 PM

    OK Don't get me started on PETA! Tooo late you already did! If Ingrid Newkirk and her misguided followers took the 30 million a year they raise from ill-informed people and used it to stop the Hunte Corp. I might have a twinge of respect for them but NO .... A quote from Ingrid Newkirk says a whole bunch about PETA!

    "thinkers can plan a revolution but bandits have to
    carry them out"

    I wonder where the ALF gets it's money eh?