Monday, July 21, 2008

A Rare Breed of Love

It's not too often I go to a website that's trying to sell something that I come away feeling not only impressed, but also am crying and full of joy. Today when I went to the website - - about the dog Baby and her rescue from a puppy mill and what she and her Mom are doing now - I am flummoxed.
I get emails from a lady down in the States who is valiantly fighting the good war to end the scourge of puppy mills - and I got one today about this book and this dog and her Mom - and how Barack Obama has decided to get his kids a dog - and Baby and her Mom are trying to convince Obama to adopt a dog rather than buy a dog - so they've gone on a crusade ending at Capital Hill to raise awareness about puppy mills.
And of course - they're also raising awareness about what looks to be a heart wrenching but is probably also a must read book - "A Rare Breed" - here is an excerpt that's on the main page of the above website:

‘Sometimes I wonder if I'm dreaming…’
I open my eyes and find myself in a soft, comfy bed, not a wire cage. The house is filled with sweet, peaceful silence, not the desperate cries of dogs. And then there's her. She calls herself "Ma." After she adopted me I didn't know what to expect. After years of being locked in a cage, I had lost all hope of ever being treated with kindness, but from the moment she touched me, I was smitten. Whenever she picks me up or strokes my head, she is careful, soft, gentle. She doesn't grab me. She never hurts me. She feeds me delicious food, as much as I need to feel satisfied. There is always fresh, cool water in my bowl. She actually kisses me. A lot. And sings to me. And lets me sleep pressed against her. I'm not afraid anymore. I have a name, not a number. I am loved now.

– Excerpt from A Rare Breed of Love

I just called Chapter's out in Bayer's Lake - they have 6 copies of the book in stock. I hope I'm not the 7th person who gets out there to buy it.

NB - I wonder though how many people will refuse to listen to what she has to say because she plugs HSUS in several places. A lot of people with political affiliations who don't like the HSUS will probably say - "oh, she's one of THOSE people" - and won't even bother to listen to what she has to say about the horror of puppy mills - and that is too bad.

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  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I have a copy on hold at Halifax Public Libraries. I can't wait to read it.