Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Taking Inventory of the Clan

Everything has been so busy lately - so I went around and took an inventory of everyone tonight. I am continuing to feel bad for Buttercup - she is so uncomfortable. I think it was a mistake to have her knee redone. It was too much surgery for such an old dog. I really hope her leg starts working a little bit and she heals okay and she forgets the pain she's currently in. She seems so deflated.
Jack is doing really well - his ulcer is getting smaller - he went for a recheck today and his regular vet at Westwood Hills thinks he may regain what limited vision he did have before he injured it on Saturday, which is fabulous news. I was happy to hear that. As well - I asked what his weight was in previous visits - and he's actually currently about 2 pounds lighter than he used to be before I had him - so his weight isn't too bad! 23 pounds!
Charlie is also doing really well - his tumour results came back and it was benign - so he has got a clean bill of health - now he just needs to gain a few pounds to get back to get back to his former glory.
Daisy's eye surgery seems to have gone pretty well - it seemed to have been bothering her and she still has scabs - but hopefully the lumps won't grow back - again - but she's still happy - and hungry!
And an inventory wouldn't be complete without a couple photos of Whisky - there IS a cat in the house! haha! Whisky loves his dog brothers and sisters - he loves to bat them in the face with his long sharp claws that is!And he loves to yawn and meow very loudly and tell me that I haven't fed him any soft food in literally hours and hours!
Tonight when I was out walking the dogs - my next door neighbour has a grand daughter who has moved in with her and she has taken an interest in the dogs so she wants to help me walk the dogs and tonight we took out Jack and Charlie together - and we ran into one of the pre-eminent dog walkers of Halifax - Steve Nichols -
I have his information on my dog walkers page - because he's also one of the few people who don't have their own website - but he was taking his dogs up for a walk in the same section of woods that I walk my own dogs in -
Spryfield is great for woods to walk your dogs in - it is Shangri-la for dogs, actually!


  1. Holy moly! Like one of your other commenters said: are you signing your paycheque over to the vet directly?

    Hoping you catch a break soon. :)

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Very cute pic of Whiskey!! My two do that also! They think they are starving all the time!! My other job is cat doorman of which I let them in and out about 1000 times a day!! ;)


  3. rottnmom11:09 AM

    KUDOS to a woman who lives what she speaks (writes).

    It's not hard to tell from those faces and your stories that you are one solid, loving family. The costs may be dear, but the rewards are sweet.

  4. Janet1:38 PM

    OH my Joan - don't know how you do it - and how well you look after your companions...DOG LOVE YA and KITTY PURRS TO YOU TOO and yes FISH BUBBLES ALSO...