Monday, July 7, 2008

Poor Buttercup

Buttercup went in today for what was supposed to be a simple pin removal on her left knee that she had surgery on back in April.

It turns out there wasn't actually any pin there. My vet - who's name I'm not going to mention in this post because the post doesn't sound happy - had said that Buttercup wasn't doing very well possibly because the pin he inserted during her surgery in April was partially coming out - he could feel it sticking out - and it could be causing her some discomfort - so that was something we might want to think about doing - removing the pin. It'd make her more comfortable.

So when I was picking Daisy up from her surgery last week - I set up Buttercup to come in and have the pin removal - in humans it's a pretty easy surgery - a little incision, and then it's basically like pulling a nail from the wall - bada bing bada boom - it's done.

I get a call around 1pm from my vet - they took an xray - it turns out there's no pin in Buttercup's knee - but her knee cap is still really loose so he can go in and tighten it up - I say okay.

I call back at 3 o'clock and I can pick her up at 7pm - and it's awful - the incision is so much worse than in April. I feel so bad for her. In April I had said to myself that I wasn't going to get her right leg done because I didn't want to put her through that surgery again - and here I put her through it with the same surgery on the same leg. It's so amazing how a yes or no in one second can be so life changing.

Poor Buttercup


  1. Poor Buttercup! I hope she heals up a lot better this time.

    Alice got spayed last Wednesday and she was a pretty pathetic girl for a while. It broke my heart to listen to her cry.

    My Vet, who takes a holistic approach, also gave me some arnica in liquid form to help with Alice's healing. Maybe you could find some for Buttercup to help her along?

    Get better soon Buttercup!

  2. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Joan, you must be just signing your cheque directly over to the vet these days. What a run of surgeries and other treatments!

    Kisses to Buttercup.

  3. Did you ask where the pin went?????? Was it just not in the same place or not there at all?? Poor Buttercup!

  4. Poor Buttercup - what a painful ordeal.

    Here's wishing you a speedy recovery kid!