Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Web page for Information about Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey

I thought I'd build a web page to put any information that I could find out about Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey - knowledge is power - and that's the only way we're going to stop people like them - by telling people one by one, about couples like them.

It always bothered me that anytime I did a google search about them that there was never anything on the internet that came up about their names. That's why I added my sidebar info about them - so that they'd have an online presence somewhere.

I get a lot of comments left because of my posts - but it's only AFTER people have bought puppies from them and they've died that people go searching for their names - which is too bad. Hopefully their press this summer will put enough recognition, but I don't imagine that it will.

I put up a page here - - let me know what you think - and if you find anything new that's not there, let me know and I'll add it - you can email me at

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