Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey Speak Out

Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey spoke out on CTV News last night and it was an interesting story they had to tell. They bought 37 puppies for $3,700 2 weeks ago from "Chapman Kennels" in New Brunswick - and they paid $25 extra so that they wouldn't have to take the puppies mother with them because they didn't have the space for the mother. The "breeder" said that because the puppies were so young she couldn't guarantee the health of the puppies.

So in other words - the Benoit's bought the puppies way too young from the "Chapman's Kennel" - and then spent the next 2 weeks attempting to sell these too young puppies to an unsuspecting public, while minimally trying to keep them alive until they could sell them. $3,700 divided by 37 = $100 each that they paid for each puppy - and in my previous post you can see that they were charging between $650 and $900 for each puppy. Now that's a pretty good turnover/profit for each puppy! $550 - $850 for each puppy times 37 = $20,350 at a MINIMUM! Who wouldn't want to be in this business!!!!!

So with those 37 puppies - AT A MINIMUM - the Benoits are making $20,350 - that's if they all lived - so we can now see why they are so pissed off, eh? That's a big cut into their profits if they died before they could be sold. I'd go on tv poor mouthing it too.

I digress. I hear that they are due back in court on October 24th for their pending animal cruelty charges. Surely to dog something can be done in the mean time so that these most notorious purveyors of greed and puppy pain can be shut down until then. But as we all know the NS SPCA is the only enforcer of animal cruelty legislation in the province of Nova Scotia. So don't hold your breath.

Here is the video from last night's news where the Benoit's are telling their side of the story:


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Those two really are scum of the earth, aren't they?

    But as long as people turn a blind eye to the obvious so that they can get their designer dog without doing the work of looking for a reputable breeder, the Gail Benoit's of the world will proper and flourish. If and when they ever shut her down, there will be another one slithering up behind her at the flea markets and mall parking lots because the suckers are there with their $700 to pay for a sick puppy taken from its mother way too soon.

    People. Wake up!

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    If -- and that's a big if -- they really did take all these underage, sick puppies to a Kentville vet for shots and he/she didn't call the SPCA on these two, that personb should be held accountable as well.

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I think they created more shit for themselves by her boyfriend saying he had 12 of the puppies "die" on him! And then Gail agreed that the puppies were buried on their property. I watched her face when he mentioned that 12 died on him and she could have cut his throat for a nickel! I think they bit off more than they can chew this time. God love those poor little puppies. Chapman Kennels are no better than Gail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OMG! They have got to be the stupidest couple or poorly inbred themselves! Dear gawd!
    Talk about "redneck" mentality!
    I suspect they have just cooked their own goose!

    My heart breaks for these pups! All they care about is the money they have "lost".

    I love when the interviewer stated, "That's what autopsies are for" - after Gail stated, "after they are dead?" lol! Shows you how truly stupid and evil these people are!

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    human garbage. How can they even remotly justify what and who they are. Mr. Bailey is simply a "POS" and Ms. Beniot doesnt deserve the the title. I hope you both......

    Joan please keep the attention going and thank you.

  6. Anonymous7:22 AM

    I don't know, but all that I have read about this story, I would have alarm bells ringing. I would never buy a dog from someone in a parking lot! I suppose the victims thought that they were providing a delivery service and making it more convenient for them (as a customer). Reputable places have a site that customers are able to go to! The worst of it is that they probably had to pay for this delivery (I mean in an adding insult to injury way because the reall worst thing is losing their dog!)

  7. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Chapman kennels from Kilburn NB are far worst than these two. Does anyone know why they are having a sale? I do. They have 200 breeding dogs mostly females and have lost their major buyer because of charges laid by the SPCA and well deserved charges of cruelity to animals! Chapman Kennels also lost around 200 puppies in the spring of 2007 to CHV1. After buying a show dog from the states and promising not to breed it but did and spread this virus througout their kennel causing major loses. The death from CHV1 takes about three days of painful suffering by these pups and they or their vet gave them medical attention, none! Vet after testing still never visited these dying pups. This vet leads the way for the cruel things these Chapmans get away with and have got away with because he's big shot for the NBVMA and CFIA.This make Chapman Kennels almost untouchable.This vet was getting 25 dollars a pup just to sign health folders,do you have one of these folders? look at the vet's name, about 20 pups per week and Chapman kennels gave the vaccinnes, all profit for the vet, about 2000 a month of blood money.
    By the way the CFIA controls vaccines.

  8. I am appauled that Chapman Kennels and their so called Vet are still open for business. How can this be? Where are the SPCA and Animal Rescue Groups (with whom I was a long standing member in Halifax some years back)? They should be halted in their tracks before anymore little pups are born under these conditions and have to suffer. Has anyone, who fell victim to this scam, launched suets against any of this crew? I would if I were them. Do it for yourself and for your beloved friend. For anyone else out there who is enabling themselves to fall prey to these money hungry, murdering con artists, for Gods sake, dont do it. Paying money for these dear little pups is how they are making blood money. You are like the "Johns" who keep prostitutes in business. I beg of you to take the time to find a reputable kennel and do research on them and their counterparts before making a purchase.

  9. Anonymous9:26 AM

    One day, these two will have to answer to God for the people and dogs they have abused.
    Puppy mills and profiteering puppy exploiters should be denied from ever even owning any animals.

  10. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Both parties are at fault,even the most simple person knows you can't take puppies away from their mother too young. So the breeders letting them take them before they were old enough and this couple for not buying the mother (cause they knew they couldnt sell it) are all just cruel and greedy!

  11. these two tried to steal my moms dogs right out of her yard! they are liars!!!