Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Jack

What a walk we had this afternoon, I don't think the guys have had this much fun in a long time. The woods are a virtual tropical forst right now, lots of long grass to eat, lots of things to smell - and I'm cooking liver at the moment - so all is right with the world.

Jack especially is enjoying himself at the moment - he seems just SO happy all time, I don't know what I can peg it to, his tummy hasn't been upset in a little while - so maybe that's what it is - he has got the most rotten stomach - I feel bad for him. And when his tummy's upset - the whole world knows it, let me tell you.
Daisy was having a good time today, following my pocket along the trails...
This is a cropped shot of Jackie's eye - you could see my reflection in it! Creepy, eh?

Is this not the cutest photo, ever? My first montage of Jackie running towards me - and he does not disappoint!

Daisy at her cutest

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  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Beautiful Joan. Just the salve I needed after reading about that horrible Gail and her partner in crime and of course the poor dead and sick puppies.