Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Things are happening at the NS SPCA

I was at the SPCA's adoptathon on Saturday over at the Dartmouth shelter and everyone seemed so relaxed and happy - everything was focused on the dogs and cats and trying to find them homes and seeing to it that they were healthy and happy.
It was interesting that the people who I've known for the last many months who have been toiling hard in the trenches were there on Saturday volunteering their time - that now that a new era has dawned - that they are ready to step up and make their presence known. These are going to be very interesting months coming up.
You can see it front and centre on the NS SPCA's website - there are minutes available from the June 2nd's Board of Director's meeting - the first time EVER that minutes have ever been made available for public viewing. Can you imagine?
It's all available on their "library" page - they have a newsletter they've just published, and minutes from the June 2nd BOD meeting.
I think (and hope) that it bodes very well for the future of the Provincial SPCA - that they spread their love to all the branches and become inclusive and build a revolution province wide and that the NS SPCA can become the humane institution that it's acronymn says it's suppoosed to be. That would be lovely.
And we could all work together - all the rescues, and individual volunteers to build one big province wide shelter and foster network that saves every homeless and abandoned animal so that no shelter has to kill any animal again.

I was at a website today that was amazing that is out in British Columbia - and they have got the most knock-out mission statement that really applies to what the Dartmouth shelter (I think) has been going through. I'll paste it here:

AAS promises you:
We will never kill you because you're old, ill, homely, upset, matted, withdrawn, untrusting, snapping, noisy, or poop too much.

We will never label you "unadoptable", so you can be killed and forgotten, as though you never existed. And we will never kill you for your "owner" for money.

We will work tirelessly to get you out of your prisons in zoos, aquariums, cages, pens, pet stores, and backyards, by showing your suffering to the world, getting laws changed, and by lovingly looking after you and giving you the life your heart craves and deserve.

We will work tirelessly to expose the sham of false animal-welfare, everywhere that you are being used and cruelly neglected to serve self-interested goals.

To that - all I can say is - WOW.

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  1. Adele B.9:51 PM

    Was the AAS created when the BC SPCA started having so many problems years ago? I didn't know they were doing so much. They sure forced the BC SPCA to clean up their act. Maybe we need a group like that in NS (& other provinces). Thanks for posting the link.