Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Comment to "More Dead Celtic Pet Dogs at the Dartmouth SPCA"

All Gods Creatures - who I assume is either a volunteer or an employee at the Dartmouth SPCA - left a comment on my post "More Dead Celtic Pet Dog(s) at the Dartmouth SPCA" this afternoon:

For you simple minded people leaving comments about the quote, let's see... 2 of the dogs had bitten staff on several occasions(drawing blood) and grabbed a lady's purse missing her arm. They were a danger, and none of them had homes lined up so I don't know where you are getting YOUR info from. It was either that or living a life as a "deamed dangerous" dog, having to always be inside or when out side have a encolsed fence that they couldn't escape from when walking would have to have a muzzle or some sort to ensure no one gets bit! Is that the life you want for those dogs???

I find the quote to be very interesting - with #1 being that they would contemplate the idea of a fierce and dangerous dog. That that idea would enter into their vocabulary.

There are many reasons why a dog could act aggressively in a shelter environment that in the real world - his forever home once he leave a shelter - that he would NOT be aggressive. Once that dog had a chance to be rehabilated - or even had some obedience training - he wouldn't be aggressive anymore - or at least his urges would be controlled by his owner and he wouldn't be a threat to the public. What kind of temperament tests did these animals have before they were killed? Who did them? What kind of qualifications did they have? How many times were they done? Under what conditions?

I actually adopted a dog from the Dartmouth SPCA that had been deemed "unadoptable" and was going to be killed because the shelter manager at the time "didn't like the look in his eye" and she figured he was going to be aggressive because of the previous life that he'd obviously had. He did turn out to be dog aggressive - but guess what? Problems like that can be MANAGED. He had another FOUR YEARS of a wonderful life in a forever home that loved him to bits in Berwick Nova Scotia. His name was Philip/Brodie and if you search this blog you'll find out more about him and he's living proof that just because a dog presents himself one way in a shelter environment doesn't mean he's going to be that way on the outside.

so "All God's Creatures" - you can perhaps understand why I'm a bit skeptical about why dogs are being killed at your shelter. I've seen what can happen when dogs are NOT killed. They become wonderful, loving soulful creatures - just like any other normal dog when given a chance. No dog is perfect. Every dog should be given that chance.

I'm not saying that every dog can be saved - I'm just saying that every dog should be given the best chance they can - unless they are absolutely horribly aggressive and have failed every temperament test by a trained professional in every circumstance and are absolutely incorrigible - then they should NOT be killed.


  1. AllGodsCreatures12:02 AM

    The reason I said "dangerous" was because that is (under HRM laws) what they were classified as. So in other words if you did take a dog home like that it is the LAW to do these requirements that I had posted. And maybe not in your mind, but certainly in my, I wouldn't want to put an animal through all that. So don't go making me sound like I think they should have been! Twisting the meaning of what I had stated. I shall refrain from making anymore statements as you all feel that I am wrong in my thoughts, that a dog shouldn't have to live that life.

  2. Anonymous12:35 AM

    I agree Joan! I have witnessed many dogs that have been in a kennel/shelter environment and you cannot get a good "reading" on how these dogs are and more often than not, they are lovely dogs that do need an extra special home and I believe those homes are out there. I have witnessed first hand, these types of dogs and they would have failed the temperment test done in a kennel/shelter environment YET, when worked with them outside that stress, they turned out to be fantastic members of the family; these dogs that go through these god forsaken temperment tests should be given more of a chance than a rubber arm being stuck into a bowl of food when they are eating to see if they will bite. Christ I know people that if you pick something off their plate when they are eating, will get pissed and strike back!! The stress is high in a shelter anyway and those dogs feel it and react to it, how could they not. If space or time are issues of getting animals through the doors, there are OTHER folks who would love to help with these "special cases" that may take a little longer. Those dogs did NOT have to die and IMHO, they died for revenge and their are others at that shelter that know this and are scared to voice it! Maybe now things will surface.

  3. rottnmom1:17 AM

    Thank you Joan for speaking up for those who have been so misunderstood. Yes, there are some for whom there is no hope.........but they are the rarity. Hope, home and love can make such a difference in the hearts and lives of the ones deemed "unadoptable".

    I myself am happily owned by one of those who would have been killed.