Monday, July 14, 2008

Odds & Ends

Today was Jack's last check-up at the vet for his eye that he scratched a little over a week ago and he got a clean bill of health! It's been a scary week worrying that he might lose the vision in his one good eye - but it seems that he's going to keep the sight in his good eye which I'm very happy about. The drops, good vet intervention and quick access to the Emergency clinic saved his vision.
This is Jack's vet - Dr. Troye McPherson from Westwood Hills Veterinary Clinic - she's been his vet for many years and she's seen him through the good and the bad - she knew him when he still had 2 good eyes - but through it all he's been trying to bite her! haha! He hasn't been successful yet! She still loves him though. She's pretty happy he's finally found a home where his owner makes dehydrated liver in large quantities - and so is Jack.
On that note - this is Percy - his Mom's name is Krystle - and this coming weekend there is going to be a HUGE pug event - called "Pugapalooza" - and I've donated some of my liver for their fundraising efforts as part of their event - I took this photo of Percy yesterday when I dropped the liver off at their house - Percy was just SO cute.

I've changed my website around a little bit - if any of you buy my dehydrated liver at Metro Dog Wash - I've started to sell my liver from the website as well in larger quantities - if you buy 10 bags or more at a time - I'll sell it at a discount. Smaller quantities you can still buy at Metro Dog Wash - but if you want to buy 10 bags or more at a time - you can contact me directly and you can get a discount. It's good for those of you who have multiple dogs or use it for training - the liver lasts for at least 4-5 months from the time you buy it - so large quantities last a long time.
Do you remember Po? I've heard he's going to be on ASN's Breakfast TV this coming Friday morning! Breakfast TV is on from 7am to 9am. I'm going to tape it - so I'll put it on the site Friday night if you miss it - but I hear as well that Po is still available for adoption - his foster family have decided not to adopt him. So if you are a cat free family with lots of love to give - you should consider Po - who is now called "Henry".

I have this picture of Po/Henry on my Rescue links page on my Charlie loves Halifax site - which I've added a bunch of links to if you want to check it out - I've added a whole bunch of new local rescue links that I didn't have there before - like the Oromocto Area SPCA, Lunenburg SPCA, Valley Animal Shelter, Beulah Berman Shelter - among many others!

And the last thing for the day - the letter to the Editor that I wrote last week about the tragic pit bull story in Whitney Pier Cape Breton was published today in the Chronicle Herald - my good luck with letters to the Editor continues on unabated...


  1. I am thrilled to hear of Jack's news! Awesome!
    And I will be looking forward to seeing "Po" when you post it, as well!

  2. Tracy2:04 PM

    Thanks Joan for adding us to your links!! We really appreciate it. :)

    Tracy at the Oromocto and Area SPCA