Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A great comment left about Zeus Cameron

There was a great comment left on a post I made about Zeus Cameron from Guysborough -

I just came across this.
I hadn`t heard that Zeus had passed away.
Condolences to his family.
I know he`ll be waiting for them.
Many people should learn from the Camerons.
No one should be bullied by Politicians whether it`s in Nova Scotia or Ontario or elsewhere.
Don`t blindly accept the designation that your dog is "dangerous","vicious" or banned.
Fight the Gov`t all the way.
Don`t wait for an organization to fight for you.
The Gov`t can be beat and the best people to beat them are the owners on a dog by dog case.
No one cares about your dog as much as you do.
When they start to see just how many owners will take them on,then maybe things will start to change.
Force the Gov`t into Court if they seize or designate your dog as vicious based on breed/type or look.
Don`t be paralyzed by fear.
In my book the Camerons and Zeus are heroes.
They had the right stuff.
Many people would have folded,moved or dumped their dog.
Be prepared to go to the mat for your dog.
If you`re not prepared to do that then get a socially "acceptable" dog.
These "special" dogs deserve "special" owners.
Zeus had the best.

This is all so true. And it's not just true about breed specific legislation. It's true about off leash exercise, it's true about their quality of life, it's true about public space bans, it's true about the rescue systems dogs sometimes find themselves in - it's true about everything relating to your canine life companions. We should all be this way about our dogs. All dogs are "special". All sentient beings are "special".

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