Thursday, June 19, 2008

Look at what I went for a walk with this morning

So this is why I give up. This sentient being has continued to live in a cage for the last 4 1/2 months at the Dartmouth SPCA shelter. He never went out to a foster home. He has remained hidden away in secret. Just like Zonda did to him. He was treated exactly the same by the NS SPCA as he was by Zonda MacIsaac - hidden away in a cage, left to rot. I am thanking dog from the roof tops that he wasn't killed - as I was previously told. At the time when I said he had been killed and people were saying he wasn't - I said if he was in fact alive - I would be very happy to say I was wrong and thank whatever spirits were out there who were keeping him alive. And I'm very happy to do that now. ZEUS IS STILL ALIVE.
And he is still living in a cage - after having lived in a cage at Celtic Pets for more than 3 years in Port Hastings. I can't believe it. That the powers that be - would continue to keep him in a cage after what he has been through - to me, IS CRIMINAL. That is why I give up. I have no more questions to ask, no more answers to give. When I look into these eyes - there is no apology good enough that I can give to this dog.
What has been meted to him is inexcusable. On another note - he is NOW AVAILALBE FOR ADOPTION. Which leads to something else - how can a dog that is part of an active prosecution - be AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION?
I have no answer for that either. He is not the only Celtic Pets dog that is currently on the adoption floor over at the Dartmouth SPCA shelter - so you should go over and have a look around, and if a dog strikes your fancy - you should fill out an application to adopt one of them and see what happens. I was lucky - I got my Jack from Animal Rescue Coalitions. I didn't have to deal with the NS SPCA - despite what the NS SPCA contends. One thing about Zeus though - they aren't letting anyone who already has dogs/cats/children adopt him - he has to go to a completely empty home. And they are listing him as an am-staff - even though he is very obviously a bulldog mix. And I must say - he was SO gentle when I had him out. He was such a lovely dog when I walked him this morning. He is obviously a complete cuddle bunny. He deserves the best retirement home that any dog could possibly give him. I hope he gets it.


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Mother fuckers ....

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Thanks for clearing that up joan for all of us who have been wondering about his fate

  3. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Woooooooooo hoooooooo!! Here's to hoping that Zeus gets a home sooner than later and can actually enjoy the rest of his life!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad he's alive, he deserves the best home in the world!!!


  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    THANK YOU JOAN, for posting this. I have agonized over Zeus for months. My Sasha spent time with him while she was there (twice) and to have seen him left behind, then go through the horrors he endured only to end up in something very short of what he had left was heartwrenching. Hearing he was gone brought out more anger then I thought I was capable of, but also the feeling that at least he would no longer be tortured.

    I am absolutely THRILLED that he is alive and now finally given the chance at a real home, something he more than deserves. Had they not stipulated a pet free home, I would apply in a heartbeat...........but then again, according to 'them', I am not an acceptable candidate to adopt.

    Again, many thanks........and please, please don't give up......we need you and they need you even more.

  5. Anonymous5:53 PM

    To equate the care he received at the SPCA to the abuse he suffered at Celtic Pets is ABSURD!

    You have lost all credibility in my eyes now. I had thought your opinions informed and informative.. but no longer.

  6. Anonymous6:44 PM

    If you are so against the SPCA Joan why were you even in there today! Has it been too long since you have stirred up shit for them?Is it too much for you to bare when things quite down? I am very surprised that you even got inside the doors without being thrown out. Have you apologized to the SPCA for posting your bullshit gossip that he was dead in the first place? Did you apologize to Zeus today for spreading the word that he was dead before you had all the facts straight? Did you apologize to all the people that you upset claiming that he was dead when he was very much alive and well? Did you make sure that you called Zonda today to give her the good news? You two are good friends aren't you? let everyone know that about you!!POST THAT JOAN!!!!

  7. My jaw just about fell to the floor when I opened your blog and saw Zeus' pictures!

    I am so glad he wasn't killed, and I hope to dawg that someone so special adopts him before the week is out - this beautiful boy deserves to live out his old age living the life of a Prince!

  8. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Poor, poor Zeus. This leads me to so many questions. WHY if he can be adopted now could he not have been adopted before? WHY if 10 or 15 of the Celtic dogs were fostered were the rest kept in kennels when we all know people who were approved to foster and never utilized? So very sad and unfortunate. New management is badly needed.

  9. Anonymous7:19 PM


    No other words. Just WOW.

    Don't give up Joan....I know you won't.

  10. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Why is right ... just why. And why for the other Zeus's still in the hands of the SPCA?

  11. If it were up to me, every household would have a dog & a cat or more.

  12. Anonymous11:23 AM

    why can't someone adopt poor zeus, i want to so bad but have 2 dogs of my own.