Friday, May 9, 2008

The Celtic Pets Six

There but for the grace of God - goes my little dog Jack.

Today we found out that the NS SPCA has killed at least six or seven of the dogs seized in the Celtic Pets seizure.

Our worst fears have been realized. 3 of these dogs who had people willing to foster them.

Since the seizure I have written posts - where are all the dogs - what has happened to the Celtic Pets dogs? There were 51 dogs seized - where are they. We know where the cats are - they are at the temporary shelter - but where are the dogs? Are they rotting in cages like they were in Port Hastings? Have they gone out to foster homes? Have they killed them all?

Well today we know that six of them are dead. At least.

Pam Keddy said on CTV news that they "felt they were simply unadoptable and they had no choice".

ALL of the Celtic Pets dogs are currently unadoptable. They are part of a court case. They will not be adoptable until the case is dealt with in the courts. NONE of them can be adopted out. They either have to sit in cages some place or be placed in foster homes. And for some reason - the management at the Metro Shelter decided to give six of the Celtic Pets dogs neither of these options. Instead they KILLED these dogs.


The people who loved these dogs - the volunteers, the people who have watched this case, the people who had a vested interest in this case want to know - WHY. Why have these dogs been KILLED.

Today the transparency at the Nova Scotia SPCA is running red with the BLOOD from the Celtic Pets Six dogs who have been KILLED by the people who made the decision to KILL those dogs.

Are these the ONLY dogs seized at Celtic Pets that they've killed? (And I'll interject here that I am refusing to use the term EUTHANIZE - I do not consider these dogs quietly euthanized in some clean sanitary way - these dogs have been KILLED - they have been denied a happy life)

We do not know. The people want to know.

And at this point - I think that the Nova Scotia SPCA should tell the public - give a full public accounting of where ALL the Celtic Pets dogs are.

I can for sure tell you where ONE of the dogs are. Jack - who was taken from Alice MacIsaac's house - is sleeping BLISSFULLY under my computer table at this very moment. Where he belongs - and is living a life that EVERY dog deserves to live. And where all of those DEAD DOGS deserved to have lived.

Even if - as they've said - 2 of those dogs were ill - don't you think they deserved to have lived a LITTLE TIME on someone's living room floor in a dog bed - rather than their last days in a cage at the Dartmouth Metro Shelter to die on a table without EVER SEEING ANY HUMAN KINDNESS? PLEASE TELL ME - DON'T YOU THINK ANY ANIMAL DESERVES MORE THAN THAT?

The dogs who were killed by the Nova Scotia SPCA were:

Zeus - who lived in a cage at Celtic Pets for 3 years - Zonda MacIsaac lied to everyone in the rescue community about Zeus - he was on the Celtic Pets website for 3 years - but she told people he was in a foster home - when in fact he was living in a cage. When I first wrote about the Celtic Pets atrocity - the thing that I apologized to - was Zeus - because he'd been left to rot in a cage.

Well now we've ultimately let him down. He came to the Metro shelter on February 2nd - and rotted for another THREE MONTHS and then was KILLED. He never saw the light of day. Never got to go to the beach. Never got to sleep in a bed. Never got to go for a run in the woods. Never got to be a dog. And now he's dead. DEAD. And Zeus actually makes it SEVEN dogs who have been killed that we know of. Zeus didn't die this week - he actually died at some point in the last month.

For why? Who made the decision? What qualifications did that person have? Was the decision made by one person? What was the temperament test used? How many times was it given? Under what circumstances? How many chances was he given?

These are VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. Temperament tests are very important. Under WHAT CONDITIONS were the staff bitten. What kind of training do the staff have? How do the STAFF FEEL about the dogs being put down? Were they part of the decision making process?

How can we find out?

Charlie - was the little black dog who was trying to bite through the cage to get to the camera man in the video footage - and was also called "Scupper" on the main page of the NS SPCA website.

Charlie/Scupper had a foster home to go to with a trainer who was willing to work with him. Charlie/Scupper did NOT have to die.

Dottie was another dog who had a foster home willing to take him. She did NOT have to die. She did not need to be in a cage.

From the day of the seizure everybody could tell that Brea was in a lot of pain. Some dogs SHOULDN'T be left to suffer when they are in physical pain and they are sick. For compassionate reasons - it's better to let them go - but DON'T leave them for 3 months in a cage at the Dartmouth shelter. Let them go live on someone's living room floor and have a little time on a dog bed being fed good food and given some love. Why did it take the shelter 3 months to kill her? Why?

We may never know why Buddy Damien and Rex were killed - in the absence of qualified temperament testers, decisions being made based on dogs that have severe kennel stress because they've seen nothing but the inside of a cage for years - how will we ever know what kind of a life these dogs could have had?
What kind of dog could Rex have had? Look into this dogs eyes? Did he really deserve to die? It's too late for him now.

And I can tell you I am quite sure that my Jack would be dead today. In the condition he was in when he arrived at the Dartmouth shelter - and when he came to my house - he was food aggressive, dog aggressive. And Pamela Keddy wanted him returned to the shelter immediately - SIMPLY BECAUSE IT WAS ME WHO HAD HIM. She would rather have had him live in a cage at the Dartmouth shelter than him be in a loving home. So that he could regress to a point where they could reliably kill him. And today I can bet you that he would be as dead as the Celtic Pets Six.

The Nova Scotia SPCA's Metro shelter as far as I'm concerned has got a lot of questions to answer about these dead dogs. And I think they have got to answer for it. And answer for it right now. And answer for it publicly.

The games are over. The little mind games about personality disputes are over. Lives have been lost. There are serious questions that need to be answered.

The time of reckoning has come.

From CBC News it has just come out -

SPCA destroys 6 dogs from raid

NOVA.SCOTIA (CBC) - Six of the dogs seized from an animal shelter in Cape Breton three months ago have been put down, an animal-welfare group says.

Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals president Pam Keddy said four of the dogs had bitten staff and another two were too aggressive.

"We have to take our staff's consideration first and foremost because we are employers. This was not an easy decision, but it was a decision made by our shelter staff, as well as our attending veterinarian and our investigator," Keddy said Friday.

The dogs were among the dozens of animals removed from Celtic Pets Rescue near Port Hawkesbury in February. The SPCA called it one of the worst cases of neglect it had seen.

Zonda Lee MacIsaac, owner of Celtic Pets Rescue, is upset that the six dogs were destroyed. No one contacted her about the special needs of the animals, she said.

"They took them and they put them in another environment with a bunch of different people. They had them in limbo for three months," MacIsaac said.

MacIsaac and her mother, Alice MacIsaac, a former SPCA special constable, are facing four charges each under the Criminal Code and the Animal Cruelty Act.


  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Having those dogs at the shelter sure brought in a lot of money ( over $25,000) and donations. I guess that's dwindled off now and they didn't need their bait. Throw them out with the trash, I suppose - they weren't loved at Celtic Pets, why should they be loved at all. Guaranteed Pamela is over it by now - the lying bitch.

  2. Anonymous10:47 PM

    I wonder why the media doesn't see what is going on here. I find it hard to believe with all their resources they haven't come across enough to go ask for help.Doesn't anyone in the media care enough to blow this out of the water ?
    How could the shelter workers, the vet who killed these dogs how could they all stand by and let it happen ?
    Why don't they quit, why do they keep compromising their morals, their integrity and telling themselves they are staying for the animals. WHAT IF they all quit, what if they all went to the media , what if, what if they stood up and spoke for those that cannot speak instead signing keep your mouth shut papers. You choose to stand up for those that are being killed and those that are caged and suffering like Celtic Pets and keep telling yourself your there for the animals. For the LOVE of God don't you see it is all WAY past that.

  3. Anonymous11:57 PM

    People need to come forward and the media will listen. Keddy and Gasbag have succeeded in scaring people into not speaking up.

    Call a press conference. Tell the real story. Let the world know what REALLY has happened to all the dogs, and not just these unfortunate six.

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    i hope those people do step up so far they haven't. I also think the media needs to step up.

  5. Anonymous12:32 AM

    In reality - what do you expect the media to do when people who know what's been going on aren't willing to speak?

    The media can't report rumors, that's what the tabloids are for.

  6. Anonymous2:47 AM

    Really I dont know what to say, a million and one thoughts go threw my mind after I read this. I really didnt want to know whom of the dogs rescued from Celtic Pets were KILLED, but I stumbled upon the truth. I have watched the who debate go on about Zeus from day one, having a dog aggressive Pitbull myself I could never give him the home he needed but I cried the day I saw him taken to the SPCA from Celtic Pets, and today I cry again. The SPCA in my mind is only out for the almighty buck, and does not care about the animals. If an animal can get them money, save it for as long as the money is comming in. If they have to lift a finger to help an animal live a full life or get a happy healthy home, distroy it. Celtic Pets and it's owners may have a bad name to most, but in my mind and alot of others, the SPCA that has done this is no better. Lets all rally together to support them financially to buy their toys, fancy rigs, nice homes and killing of animals, cause apparently they do nothing to help those who REALLY need the help. I feel like an idiot...

  7. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Now that we know the fate of these poor souls, what about the rest?

    Are they still in cages? Are they wishing that they too could get the needle? We were lead to believe that most of the dogs were being fostered. Is that true?

  8. Anonymous10:06 AM

    So people will now scream - call the Premier, call the DOA, Call etc.etc.etc.

    THEY HAVE BEEN CONTACTED regarding the SPCA. Letters have been written. Calls made. Stories told..over and over and over again. Especially in the last while. Almost daily they are receiving complaints and info.

    People tried to get the message out through the AGM and yet still people refused to believe what was going on!

    NOW THIS! NOW THIS HORROR! I am SICK and so devastatingly sad.

    What does it take for people who have the power to investigate to INVESTIGATE!!!!!!!!!

    I was over in February and met a few of these dogs. Brea was there sitting on cold concrete looking and acting in pain. The stress on her face was palpable. Why couldn't they decide then she was unadoptable? She had the same temperment and issues then as she did the day the KILLED HER! She sat for 3 MONTHS in PAIN. Emotional and Physical!

    If back in February they thought there was a chance for adoption why didn't they find her an appropriate foster who could handle her pain issues and temperment?

    People who can't make decisions regarding a dog like BREA shouldn't be in CHARGE!

    I don't blame the vet or the staff per se. They probably were never made aware that several of these dogs had appropriate homes to go to!

    What people need to hear is that the people who were willing to take these dogs or arranged for a proper foster or adoption are people who have SPOKEN OUT against Pam and Judith!

    These people where NEVER CONTACTED before this KILLING to COME GET THE DOGS! NEVER CONTACTED about what was going to happen! HOW IS THAT RIGHT?

    In atleast one case a TRAINER was arranged. Just waiting for the case to be over so the dog could "come home".

    Isn't this what rescue and the mandate of the SPCA all about?

    I am not a person who believes all animals should live. There are always extenuating circumstances. I do believe they should be given a fair chance.

    How was this a fair chance? I want to see PROOF an appropriate temperment tester was in there within days of the KILLING.

    I want PROOF they tried to contact people who said they would take these dogs and at least had the courtesy to inform them of their intentions to KILL! To GIVE these people the opportunity to prove their commitments to these animals so that they could possibly BE SAVED!

    That BLOODY shelter might as well be run by Charles Manson!


    People ask why don't people come forward - well maybe they don't want their butts sued off because they have been placed under GAG orders. How convenient for those doing these autrocities.

    THIS BOD has a CHANCE on Monday evening to make a change. There is a board meeting for election of new members. Members with good integrity have applied for the position and if elected these people stand an excellent chance at making the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY changes to stop this MADNESS.



    Where were you FOR THE ANIMALS when this AUTROCITY and KILLING happened? THE BOD IS METRO SHELTER!

    You can atleast give breath to change Monday night for the animals.

    For the animals..for the animals..for the animals...

    I weep...

  9. Anonymous10:09 AM

    where is our provincial Governemnt ? Where is teh CCRA why aren't they doing something about this. It is about the money and the volunteer part well what about the expense accounts etc etc. as we all know expense accounts sure can add up to a lot of money. I agree the Nova Scotia SPCA has to be stopped and the people on the board that know what is going need to step up as right now they are just as bad. And the vets that know what is going on need to be human beings right about now and vets second. For Gawd sake you can write a letter to DOA and DOJ you can make phone calls you can do SOMETHING. Good point why should the media report when no one with first hand knowledge will step up to the plate.

  10. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Disgusting! Rest in Peace to those dogs. I'm not sure how Pam Keddy can sleep at night, she is a despicable piece of human scum.


  11. Anonymous1:32 PM

    PAM KEDDY HAS TO GO! She is a disgrace. PS: Joan you are right, I am sure it is the recently resigned committee chick that wrote those two letters! As you said Joan those animals are part of a "criminal" court case and are evidence and the SPCA in every other case MUST by law, keep them until the case is heard. I have met BRE in the past and I can tell you this,leaving Bre in that cage for three months KILLED HER Pain is one thing and she should not be left in pain but they kept them alive for two reasons (1) as far as I know, after three months, the owners can apply for a court order to get them back AND/OR the SPCA can apply for a court order to keep them. Pam knew that almost to the day, that KILLING those dogs was AGAINST THE LAW AND SHE HAS NOW PUT THE SPCA IN A POSITION TO BE SUED (ALREADY ONE CASE IN PROGRESS TO SUE THEM AND ANOTHER ON IT'S WAY). Imagine using SCUPPER like they did, plaster his face all over the news, pictures of him being shaved in the paper on the internet, all the vet staff gathered around him and pictures taken. "We hope that you will find it in your heart AND YOUR WALLETS..." key word is WALLETS! THEY USED POOR SCUPPER TO GET THE MONEY AND THEN KILLED HIM THREE MONTHS LATER BECAUSE WHAT BETTER WAY TO CONTINUE WITH THIS VENDETTA THAT HAS BEEN BREWING FOR QUITE SOME TIME. IF the SPCA has another lawsuit against them (it is my understanding they have one coming up) yes, the animals will suffer, yes the SPCA will be and I am sure ARE in jeopardy of losing their status and they will fold and WHERE are any or all of those animals going to go? Pam Keddy REFUSED to let any of those dogs, including Scupper, go to WAITING APPROVED fosterhomes. THEY WERE WAITING AND SHE KNEW THAT. She said they weren't adoptable and wouldn't have been able to go in foster care; as Joan said legally none are adoptable AND I know that the foster homes were to be compatible with the animal going to be placed there. Pam Keddy in her stupidity and being a "RIGHT FIGHTER" has just put the entire SPCA and animals in jeopardy PLUS if she is so smart, then why did SHE just go on the news and 'CONFIRM' what the Celtic Pets plea said all along! It said that if the rescue was shut down (and it has been which is good) then the animals would go to the SPCA and be high risk to be killed! You know what Ms. Keddy, you just gave them a defence now didn't you? Hope you are proud; was that move in the "how to micro manage" manual? Leaving those animals in cages for three months is BRUTAL and IF the case goes forward, it will be for MANY months more because of course CP is going to fight it now, now that the EXECUTIVE has made another SMART MOVE! Those dogs are going to go nuts. But I am sure they will keep "the ones that can still pull in money" alive for another while, you know the guy with the paralyed tail we heard about-that should be good for a chunk of heart money don't you think? I guess it is easier for Pamela to fill the trash bags with her "dead bait" and have them burned rather than step up and do the right and BEST THING for the animals and the organization and GET OUT WHILE SHE STILL CAN. She can clean all the litter boxes and shovel as much shit as she can muster and try to be the martyr but you know what, shit is alot easier to wash off your hands than BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Pam Keddy - let's see:

    Befriend people to their faces, get what you want and then "screw them"

    Plead with public for $$$$ for the poor animals (screw the public once you get the money) Oh and don't forget the chunk of money that they got from 101.5 the Hawk and made a special trip to station and face in the paper for that one...more glory!

    Screw the membership of the SPCA including some of the best animal advocates in the Atlantic Provinces.

    Screw the public AGAIN by letting believe for THREE months that she had the "animals best interest in mind"


    Finally, she snubs her nose at everyone and basically says SCREW all of you, I am in charge, I can break the law by doing what I want when I want and there is no one going to make me step out of my position.

    PS: one more tidbit...screw Judith Gass too by getting her to check out her "internet boyfriends" through the DOJ and then sit back and let all hell break loose, grab a dog out of a kennel, stand in front of the KINGDOM SHE BUILT (Spca building) and act like she has nothing or no one to answer to.

    Sounds to be like "screwing that much" you will eventually get caught.

  13. Anonymous11:34 PM

    for anonymous who feels like an idot-YOU SHOULD FEEL LIKE A REAL IDOT- your failure to provide what a dog needs (basic training and social developement, proper diet that works for that dog, monthly medical intervention including the one time spay or neuter to help reduce anxiety thereby helping them to be more enyoyable and at the least manageable and love and lots of attention)its simple steps to become a good animal owner but its a life time committment-your failure helped you rid yourself of your problem and you elected to dump your dog at a rescue that then ended up at spca- now 1000's like you everyday are the root of the problem and I only hope the government can take the time to form an act that will hold persons who take the first step to own an animal be required to do it right from the begining with written critteria for owners to comply too. Then and only then will there be reduced numbers of unwanted animals in our province. Oh but yours was only 1 of how many dumped-160 + at that rescue. Your dear rescuer knew that caging animals for longs periods of time causes stress/pain and suffering alone. Did you stubmle through the raw sewage, over the dead dog and through the filthy dirty conditions as you left your dog at CP. Bet you did not bother to look or even ask to see what he/she would have there now did you.
    Don't blame the spca for failing to sp/nt or properly socialize your dog to help reduce his/her chances of becoming aggressive with other dogs.Thats just commom dog knowledge. Most the idots don't bother to be interested in learning what needs to happen for that dog before it becomes a problem. They just dump that one and go get a new one to do the same wrong things for again. Thats why there are so many rescues now ending up in cruelty cases.
    Did you cry the day you left IT at CP or did you think you did him/her a big favor.????? Where will you dump the next one?????