Friday, May 9, 2008

CTV News Coverage of SPCA Dog Killing

Here is tonight's CTV News coverage of the revelation that the Dartmouth Metro shelter has killed at least 6 of the Celtic Pets Dogs.

To me - this is utter bull what Pamela Keddy is saying - that the dogs were put down because they are unadoptable. ALL the Celtic Pets dogs are currently unadoptable - they are part of a court case! NONE of then can be adopted out! The NS SPCA may lose their court case and all the dogs and cats may have to go back to Zonda and Alice MacIsaac - we don't know that!

I remember a white pit bull - a huge dog who was being held at the Dartmouth shelter years ago - because of a drug case - and they had to keep him alive no matter what. All the staff would ooh and aah over him because they though he was so cute - until he almost bit right through one of the staff's knee caps. But even THEN - THEY STILL HAD TO KEEP HIM ALIVE - because he was part of an active court case!!!!!!!

Why is this court case any different than that one was? Because of a personal vendetta? I don't know! Please someone - tell us the truth! Give us the facts!!!

Instead of giving us half-truths or nothing at all - tell us something meaningful. Those dead dogs deserve some dignity.

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