Thursday, April 17, 2008

The True Story of Jack The Dog

Well I gues the NS SPCA has called my bluff. For some unknown reason - as one of the reason's that they're booting me out of the NS SPCA - they've said "Further you have in your possession a dog from a recent SPCA seizure which you gained unlawfully, without the foster forms being signed, placing the SPCA in a compromising situation".

The dog they are talking about is the little dog Jack who first appeared on this blog on February 11, 2008. And I can assure you that he was legally obtained by me - and that I also currently own him legally.
And yes - he is one of the dogs from the Celtic Pets fiasco - and maybe that's why I have been so vocal about the NS SPCA since that time. Why when the days kept going by - and I knew that the dogs from the seizure were continuing to languish in cages over at the shelter - 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 day - I was asking the question - what is happening to those dogs - why are they still in cages, how is this any different than what was happening down in Cape Breton except for the fact that except for being in clean cages - they're still in cages? Why haven't they gone out to foster - which I've heard that they now have, thankfully.

It was because of Jack that I was asking these questions. Jack was from Alice MacIsaac's house - not the seizure from Zonda MacIsaac's property. Jack came from Animal Rescue Coalition - he went up to Port Hawksbury last summer to be adopted by Alice MacIsaac because he had proved himself to be almost unadoptable - he had been in foster care since 2005 and had been adopted out 3 times and returned - so when Alice agreed to take him it seemed like a good idea - after all, she was highly regarded in the rescue community and a special constable - who wouldn't give a dog to someone like that? So up he went. No adoption papers were signed - he just went up there and stayed there until the day of the seizure and the SPCA transported him back down to Metro. The morning after the seizure - Animal Rescue Coalitions took ownership of him again and picked him up at the Metro Shelter - and he immediatlely went to a foster home. Because of his stalwart personality, that foster home didn't work out - and on February 11th - he came to live with me - and he's been here ever since. And on the 7th of March 2008 I legally adopted Jack from the Animal Rescue Coalition. So he is legally a piece of my property - just as much mine as the computer keyboard that I'm typing out this post on - bought and paid for. Gained lawfully from the Animal Rescue Coalition. Just because the NS SPCA has written that on my dismissal letter does NOT make it true.
And for the life of me, I can't figure out why they'd actually write that. Didn't they know that when they did that, I'd come here and tell his story? Up until now I've kept the whole thing private - but now you all know that Jack is a Celtic Pets dog. And it's because of the letter that I received from the NS SPCA. I wouldn't have said anything otherwise.

And let me tell you - I've had to fight to keep him here - you want to talk about personality conflicts? Pam Keddy has threatened to send her cruelty officers to my house to take away Jack - just so that he can sit in the Metro Shelter in a cage, rather than be happy in my house. How's that for loving animals. Back when I wrote my post about "dirty dirty politics" - that's what I was writing about - her threatening to take away Jack and stick him in a cage. Now THAT is dirty. Thank dog it didn't happen, instead she just kicked me off of everything she could - ie the Yahoo group and rescue association "Maritime Animal Rescue" that she owns. No big whup.

She said on yesterday's news - as I posted in the post - that "dog people are passionate" - dog people in POWER are certainly something, that's for sure!! That's why I've always stayed only a dog owner - I wouldn't want to become anything that power gives you. It's not pretty.

At least I get to spend lots of time with my great dogs - Charlie, Daisy, Buttercup, and JACK.


  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

    As a Maritime Animal Rescue member, I actually remember a post from Pam Keddy asking any rescues who had sent dogs to Celtic Pets to let her know and arrange to pick them up at Metro shelter, should they be there. This is bull!

    It actually started from Jack.

  2. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I am disgusted with the behavior of this board. And I don't want to hear one more word about all the board members who are against this woman because if they don't have the balls to stand up and DEMAND that she resign, then I will no longer be supporting ANY organization run by Pam Keddy. She is a devious, sneaky, untrustworthy person. If she will do things like this, I can only imagine what she does with my donated funds. No more.

  3. Anonymous6:21 PM

    i'm done....

    I couldn't have said it better. It's time those board members stand up and DEMAND resignation.

    If they don't they should all assume that they will be known as her supporters and have allowed her to continue on in this charade she calls leadership.

    None of my monies will be seeing SPCA coffers until this Executive is gone.

  4. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Thank you Joan for being there for Jack. I saw pictures of his untreated eye just after rescue and it turned my stomach.

    Pam and her cohorts should be very, very ashamed of themselves. They're no better than the two who misused and abused the pets of Celtic Pets.

  5. Anonymous7:10 AM

    First and for most lets just think about “the dog” Jackie is not a dog that would do well in a shelter/kennel environment. Would it not be better for him to be fostered (adopted) then to have spent the last 70 days in a kennel??? Would that have helped ease his aggressive tendencies? Gychka originally came from a domestic abusive home, and developed guarding issues over “his” individuals. Is it not better for him to be placed with a one person many fur kid home, then to set him up for failure? Have the executive that deemed this an unlawful act taken a minute to consider what is best for Jack? If he had stayed in a kennel environment he would have been stressed, acted out and most likely euthanatized, is that what they want for him? I ask the executive is it not better that he is safe he is loved, and after over $1000 vet bills he is on his way to being a healthy dog? Thanks for Joan for stepping up and caring for Jack, who other wise might not have had the chance for a better life, I think the executive has forgotten it is about the animals!

  6. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I have stopped supporting the SPCA 5 years ago after a witch hunt was lead to get me out of the organization and it was put off as negligent duties. I had documentation at the time of them adopting out dogs that had bitten without notifying the people wanting to adopt of the dog's history (if you want to talk about negligent). I was written off as pro-euthenasia because I refused to put the public at risk who as Ms. Keddy points out numerous times- funds the organization. I certainly thought we had a better chance to have the public's funding when we were not putting them at serious risk. It is of no surprise to me that when someone complains they are axed from the organization (and slandered I might add). What do they have left 10 members? This has been the way its been running for years. I am still in awe at their blatant use of society funds and their lack of accountability to the membership and board. When it all goes down everyone left involved is going down with the ship for letting it happen. Pam Keddy drove an SPCA vehicle for her personal use for a long period of time when she was without a vehicle. I am fairly certain that violates the agreement to take public funding and use it for her personal use and that is only the tip of the iceberg. These people are so corrupt at this point they don't even know they are corrupt!

  7. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Joan, if you legally-own Jack, the letter claiming you are illegally in possession of him is libellous. Depending on how adequate your paperwork is, you could have a case against the NS SPCA.

  8. I'm not a member of MAR or the SPCA so I don't need to do this anonymously. I'm horrified by all I've heard from my friends more closely involved (you included) over the past several months. I've collected donations specifically for the Celtic Pets - money, cat litter, blankets, towels, shampoo - the list goes on. Much of it came from my pocket, as well as friends and co-workers that trusted me to see that it got put to good use. And I am sure it has. But how sad is it that I have stepped away from it all in order to stay out of the politics and backlash.

    I'd also gone to the temporary shelter for the cats and spent time there on several occasions. As have many others. To us, it's all about the animals. They are not forgotten by anyone but those in charge, it seems. I feel sad for everyone involved too. It never should have come to this. :'(