Friday, April 18, 2008

Animals not Forgotten

I wrote a letter to the Editor last night in reaction to the article earlier this week about the story "NS SPCA President won't resign" - there's a bunch of people who have written in letters - so I've added mine to the pile. Here's mine, I figure I've got nothing to lose at this point:

I have been closely following the debacle also known as the Celtic Pets seizure and the fall out from it with people from every corner demanding the resignation of the president of the NS SPCA as well as the past president and current spokesperson (myself included). Those 2 individuals will tell you and have tried to explain to the media that it is all to do with personality conflicts and nothing to do with their actions in their esteemed positions. Nothing they have done has harmed any animals - and in the end that's all anyone should care about. I have a "Celtic Pets" dog. He is a symbol for all the other dogs who came from Cape Breton the day of the seizure - that languished in cages in Dartmouth, day after day - and didn't go
immediately into foster like they should have. Because the 2 people at the top of the SPCA had different ideas in their mind. Is it about the animals, or about fund raising? Ask those dogs. Ask those 2 ladies. Ask the people who've had their memberships revoked, and WHY they were revoked. And you'll get the same answer. Guido and Doris Scharfenberg (the next door neighbours of Zonda MacIsaac) had a mantra that they used to get them through the terrible cries of the dogs in Celtic Pet's Kennels - it was "Animals Not Forgotten" - and that's what some of us are continuing to try and accomplish and see to the end. That's all.

Joan Sinden

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  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I'd love to see your letter in the paper but I wouldn't hold your breath. Many of us wrote letters back at the start of this and NOT ONE ever made it in. Seems the Herald doesn't care about this story, but then what else is new.