Friday, April 18, 2008

The reason I shut down comments on a previous post

Someone left a comment on the post previous to this one:

"what happened to the comment section in the truth as i see it article? i saw post come up and then you removed them?"

The reason I shut down comments on that post is because I was receiving the most ridiculous comments to this true (really it is, believe me - I'm not making this up) story, and emails - like the one below - from Kyra Foster. Would you like to get an email like this?

That post was one out of eight-hundred and nine-teen posts - 1 out of 819 posts. I've had this blog for 3 years. Has anyone read anything but that one post? If you've only read that one post - then close this window now, there's no point in even being here - you know nothing about this blog. I am really not the crazy person here. I am a smidge tired of this - I wrote a letter to the editor of the Coast magazine outlining why I believed that Willows Pet Place is one of the worst pet stores in the city - and they absolutely demolished the letter and should not have published it in the format that they did - so I put my letter on MY blog in it's entirety - and I am REPUBLISHING that post here tonight - so that everyone knows what all the fuss is about. I am also leaving my 2nd post here.

I am also going to continue on bloggin here about ME AND MY DOGS - which is what this blog is ostensibly about - but this blog is ALSO about dog issues in the HRM - and what Kyra Foster did to Janet Chernin - and every other in home doggy day care operator in the HRM - is also a local dog issue. Period. And I am unapologetic. Just like what it says at the top of this blog. Sorry Kyra. I will not be stopped for telling the truth - and unfortunately all you people out there who think that I'M the crazy one? I am not.

toMe and my dogs ,

dateNov 30, 2007 8:32 PM
subjectRe: Fw: Willow

you silly cow. you know i actually kind of feel sorry for you. it must be
awful to go through life spitting such hate and venim everywhere you go. and
what's really funny is the fact that you think all those hits on your site
are people enjoying your bizarre and twisted outlook on life. really they
are mostly people going to point and laugh at you and you don't even realise
that. and no sarah was not a friend, just a nice customer, but we have plans
to get together for cocktails after all of this so i guess we're becoming
better friends. not sure if she posted her letter or the coast did, but who
cares you coudn't be more of a head case for pulling it down and harrassing
her. she probably did post it, but didn't want any further dealing with you
so denied it. i don't blame her one bit. i haven't called the police yet,
but really should. i'm not sure if suing you is enough or not. you have been
slandering me for years and seem to just be coming up with more new stories
in your head every year. so it clearly won't end with you just stopping on
your own. by the way the sherrif has 30 days from before the court date to
serve you so not sure when it lands in your lap but good luck with that. you
are a very confused and disturbed person if you think you really can say
anything on your blog and not be held accountable. so carry on please
because the more you post the more $$$ you're being sued for. did you know
I'm a separate legal entity then the incorporation and now you get to be
double sued for both? you really are so bizarre and messed up that i do feel
sorry for you. please do not contact me again and under the protection of
property act you are herby banned from my place of business at 1526 dresden
row, hfx, ns. so thanks for all the free advertising, our sales have more
than tripled the projections this week. oh and by the way, merry xmas.

toMe and my dogs ,

dateNov 30, 2007 8:32 PM

If the post is not removed in the next 5 minutes I will absolutely be calling the police! My lawyer is one her way over now for my signature! What is your problem?

NB: I have had emails about Willow's Pet Place telling me that the store is in fact now pet friendly, which I can fully believe that it is. I will never know seeing as how I've been "banned from the property" and the owner has threatened to "double-sue" me seeing as how she's an individual and also a corporate entity - I'm not too worried about being sued - because you can't be successfully sued if you're saying things that are true. It is true however that Willows Pet Place spent a long time when it was not pet friendly, and the owner has chosen to deny that which is rather inexplicable. I'll let her words speak for themself in these posts:


  1. Those emails from Willow's is unbelieveable. I am completely & utterly disgusted that one human being can address another like that. Digusting. Kyra, you should be ashamed of yourself. So sue me for telling you that. Joe.

  2. KittyKat3:10 PM

    Did you ever get sued?

    I found your blog while looking for a particular pet product. While I do not own a dog (I have 3 wonderful cats) I was referred to Willow's for the product.

    After reading your blog, I would like to visit willow's to see what it and its owner are really like.

    Thanks you for your informative blog and I will return for future reading.

  3. To the person who asked me if Willows aka Kyra Foster has ever gone forward and actually sued me - the owner of this blog called "Me and my dogs in Halifax, Nova Scotia" - and the answer is NO - she has never followed through on her threat to "double sue" me - as she so eloquently put it. She was never sure that suing me was enough punishment for all the evil deeds I have done to her anyway. She seemed to have greater plans for me in mind than that. I'm still looking forward to seeing what they are. I am veritably shaking and quaking on my boots, as it were.