Thursday, April 17, 2008


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I am baffled. Baffled by their outright mishandling of this organization. Baffled by their concern over their own good, i.e. money rather than the animals. Baffled by how disgusted I am by the NS SPCA. I vow, going forward, to NEVER support this organization until something is remedied. I am disgusted. Beyond belief. Joe.

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM

    In reagrds to you unlawfully having a dog from SPCA, the executive requested that that dog be picked up and removed from the shelter ASAP

  3. Anonymous12:00 PM

    according to Pamela Keddy's last statement in the interview on Global yesterday she views this ias a personal attack, not as one on the 'the society that she supports'. I suppose you have your own classification, Joan.

  4. Anonymous2:33 PM

    This is absolutely unbelieveable!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous3:10 PM

    BULLIES THAT IS WHAT THE SPCA TOP TWO EXEC'S ARE!!!! Joan DID NOT get the dog unlawfully. The dog originally came from another rescue to CP and apparently no paperwork had been completed between the two soooooo in actual fact, the dog was microchipped ORIGINALLY from the 1st rescue group and CP agreed to this and that in fact the dog was the 1st rescue groups dog to NOW adopt to a forever home, which is what they did and I happen to KNOW that Joan is an AWESOME pet owner as I am sure anyone who knows her will attest to.

  6. Anonymous3:12 PM

    OK...this is just the action that proves to me that this Executive uses by-law 12a to try and silence its members. Especially the ones who are educated enough and active enough to understand what is going on!

    Anyone who knows Joan knows she always has the best interest of the animals at heart and has worked tirelessly over the years for this organization in fundraising and other activities.

    Any Executive that would revoke the membership of someone like Joan, in my opinion, has got some really screwed up issues. Why would you turn away such a diligent, hard working, caring and informed individual who has spent years supporting the SPCA?

    Let's not talk about behind the scenes,lets just mention her upfront support at all the events held by the SPCA over the years.

    I tell you, if action like this is not enough for people to see that something is out of whack with the SPCANS Executive then I am not sure what would open peoples eyes!

    C'mon, JOAN SINDEN, Animal Activist Extroardinare and tireless advocate for the well being of animals everywhere....this is just ludicrous and this Executive needs to be stopped.

    The SPCANS as a Society needs public and membership support right now to let this Executive KNOW that their actions are, in my opinion, harming the society as a whole! ..thus harming it's effectiveness to serve it's mandate of "speaking for those who can not speak for themselves"

    Joan, I am sorry you have been treated with such disrespect and that the Executive is so blind it can't acknowledge how beneficial to the Society a supportive and active member you have been!

    This is disgusting, ludicrous, outrageous and has me fully convinced that this Executive has lost it's way!

    I am stumbling with expressing myself in this comment because this truly is unbelievable to me.

    Heather Morrison

  7. Anonymous3:37 PM

    As a Maritime Animal Rescue member, I actually remember a post from Pam Keddy asking any rescues who had sent dogs to Celtic Pets to let her know and arrange to pick them up at Metro shelter, should they be there. This is bull!

  8. Anonymous6:15 PM

    What the hell are they playing at?

    This is wait...let me get it right... an action that is "crossing the line"!!!!

    This just proves the point of the misuse of by-law 12a!