Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sowing Seeds of Humanity Education Workshop Deadline Slightly Extended

Sowing Seeds of Humanity Education Workshop Deadline Slightly Extended

I have gone to other workshops put on by the Nova Scotia Humane Society, and they are always VERY interesting, as a person who is anti-PETA. But no one can deny that the group is very sincere in their goals. No one who has ever tried to cook a tofu-turkey and have it turn out looking like an actual turkey could say that a person isn't committed to the cause. I have registered for this workshop, and I hope a lot of other people go to this as well - when I got my confirmation of registration last night though, the lady said she'd have to email back next week whether or not it was actually going to go on because there hadn't been enough interest yet to say that it was going to happen for sure. So I am putting the word out in as many spots as I can to make sure that people know about it. So I'm putting it here so that readers can make their own informed choice whether they'd like to go to Bridgewater on May 31st! Read on!

The Institute for Humane Education offers its acclaimed

Sowing Seeds Humane Education Workshop
Saturday, May 31, 2008 in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Learn exciting, new approaches for teaching about environmental preservation, human rights, animal protection, and consumerism, media and culture.

Sponsored by: Frederic A. McGrand Fund, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies Hosted by: The Nova Scotia Humane Society (NSHS), a member society of CFHS

Registration fee: $10.00
Registration includes a copy of The Power & Promise of Humane Education by Zoe Weil

Lunch: $5.00

Venue: Park View Education Centre, 1485 King Street, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia B4V 1C4

Workshop Description:
The Sowing Seeds Humane Education Workshop is an exciting,interactive workshop and will teach you how to offer empowering, effective, and transformative humane education programs and to communicate about important global issues in a positive and inspiring manner. Sowing Seeds is designed for educators, activists and advocates of social justice, environmental preservation, animal protection, and all those wishing to work for positive social change. Humane education examines the challenges facing our planet, from human oppression and animal exploitation to , materialism and ecological degradation. Workshop Facilitator:

Kim Korona joined The Institute for Humane Education as a Workshop

Facilitator shortly after she graduated from the M.Ed. program in 2006. After interning at Farm Sanctuary, her final project focused on Confined Animal Feeding Operations. Kim earned a B.A. at Goddard College in Vermont, where she studied social change and food politics. Kim currently works as a humane educator for the Michigan Humane Society, teaching students about the needs of both people and animals, and challenging students to consider the motivations behind violence and the means for creating a more peaceful society.

To Register: Please submit this completed form by April 21 with a cheque or money order payable to Nova Scotia Humane Society to: Box 574 Bridgewater, NS, Canada B4V 2X6

Your name:
School or organization affiliation:
Mailing address:
City, Province & zip :
Primary phone:
Primary email:
o $5.00 LUNCH (vegetarian and vegan lunch)

Registration includes a copy of Zoe Weil¹s book, The Power & Promise of Humane Education

Inquiries: Barry Crozier, , 902-543-2535
The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) ( is dedicated to creating a humane, peaceful and sustainable world through education. In addition to the Sowing Seeds workshop, IHE trains people to be humane educators through its distance-learning Master of Education program affiliated with Cambridge College, its Humane Education Certificate Program (HECP), and its website, , where visitors can find humane education books and other resources, download activities, and interact with other humane educators. As the national voice of humane societies and SPCAs, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies ( works on national issues on behalf of its member animal welfare organizations across Canada. The CFHS has been the lead national animal welfare organization advocating for changes to the animal cruelty provisions of the Criminal Code since legislation on this issue was first introduced in 1999. CFHS continues to work with member societies, the public, government and other stakeholders to promote the importance of stronger legislation that will help reduce animal cruelty and community violence in Canada

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