Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cute New Cat Rescue Blog from Antigonish

I was reading the letters to the Editor this morning in the Chronicle Herald and I read:

Pet peeve

Alexandra Horowitz’s interesting April 25 article regarding pets having blogs illustrates how the computer age has changed the way we communicate with pets, as well as our fellow humans. Two thoughts occurred to me as I read this piece.

First, I realized that I miss Rick Conrad’s pet column, which promoted awareness of issues dealing with companion animals, and served to introduce to readers pets in need of homes. While the Horowitz story is informative, it originated from a U.S. news service and does not have a local connection.

My second thought was that computer-literate pets do not all live in the U.S., and that our provincial newspaper should perhaps be spreading the word about our local pets’ expertise in electronic communication.

Juno, an Antigonish SPCA cat, has been under my foster care since Feb. 21. In the middle of a very cold winter, the small, gentle cat had been abandoned – probably because she was pregnant. She wanted to tell me to tell her story, and we decided to publish her blog. The blog,, while telling Juno’s story in her "own words," also promotes responsible pet ownership, pet care, and the need for volunteer foster homes.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Juno produced four healthy kittens. Juno’s Diary chronicled their growth into active and beautiful kittens, and it has been viewed as far away as The Netherlands. With the assistance of the Internet, through Antigonish SPCA’s web page, its Facebook group and the blog, five felines have been saved, and all have been placed with caring families.

Lynda MacLellan, Antigonish

So I went to the blog tonight, and it is indeed very cute with pictures of the aforementioned kittens from a most tender age - and you cannot deny that young kittens are the sweetest thing in the world. The Antigonish SPCA is doing great things up there. No doubt about it.

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