Tuesday, April 29, 2008

News that was on CBC News at 6 tonight

There was some news on CBC News at 6 tonight that was a surprise to everyone - watch the video below. I didn't catch it on the original - so I had to catch this online later....

what does everyone think about this?


  1. Anonymous11:30 PM

    why would they accept her as vice president when she's be kicked out as president? that doesn't make any sense ...

  2. Anonymous6:54 AM

    One small victorious step!!

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Having Judith resign is GREAT!!! I am thrilled...but it comes with strings which worry me. Judith is staying til after a new CPI is hired. She said that on CBC Information Morning this morning.

    It's been a year already with the CPI position vacant. How long can they keep that position vacant to keep her on the BOD?

    Besides, what position did she resign from? She was Past President. Will she still use that position to vote?

    Seriously, you start thinking like this after you have experienced all the tricks and travesties this woman has manufactured in my view!

    This will have Judith still on the board with Pam and her other crones while voting for vacant positions are being filled.

    If Pam Keddy is staying as VP you can bet she is going to want "like-minded" people on the BOD with her and she is going to try her best to get them on.

    Karen Boudreau, former secretary for Terry Degen I think and friend of Judith Gass etc. etc. has applied for the secretarial position.

    This concerns me. Karen sent long spews to another forum supporting the actions of Judith and Pam. In the last few days she has been sending posts of wonderful goals she would like to help the board achieve. It sounds like Judith Gass politicking to me....I saw the mimicking of Judith in her posts. I am not ready to trust someone so close to both Pam and Judith just yet.

    There are still Pam and Judith supporters on the Board.Jim Kochanoff for one! Although it is nice to hear that some board members are finally realizing what has really been going on and what I believe has been hidden from them for so long.

    I think a battle has been won for the SPCA NS but we haven't won the war yet so to speak...because in the end I would like a really strong SPCA that is cohesive, transparent and highly effective on all levels.

    It's a tall order but knowing there are lots of people out there who feel the SPCA has a chance at a fresh start we hopefully will all work together to get the Society doing what it is suppose to do with the support it needs.

    Personally, at this point, I would love to see Sean Kelly, special constable, as President. I think he is very capable and knows what needs doing and is able to listen and get things done.

    I would like to see the SPCA have an auxillary set up for anyone to join or participate in regards to fund raising, education and PR. This would take pressure off the board and leave them to deal with the serious work of investigations, lobbying, etc. etc.

    I really hope the Provincial BOD really starts acting like an umbrella group for all the branches and other animal welfare groups across the province. That it draws up a code of ethics and standards that must be adhered to by the rescue community. That there is the ability to monitor this make sure that rescue in Nova Scotia really is RESCUE!

    I can't believe Pam Keddy stepped down to VP and wants to stay. For what that woman said in regards to the HRM 2005 report in the AGM...I am surprized if the city won't come after her for that. Besides the fact that she has not implemented any of those recommendations especially the one on PAGE 38 which I think directly speaks to her. Let alone the "Harmony" study the SPCA paid something like $20,000 to have done yet I am not sure they even read it by what I see!

    We can't have everything we want right away. With the amount of lies and deciet involved someone like Pam Keddy is going to have to work exceptionally hard to regain any trust with me and many others for sure - If she is able to at all.

    I really hope the manipulation and secrecy is now stopped!

    I will say I am encouraged though...let see where it takes us.

    So I had a small celebration last night...but I am waiting for a few things to happen before I have the BIG PARTY!

    The FIRST thing I would like to see happen is that the MEMBERSHIPS that were revoked are REINSTATED! That would go a long way to show the BOD is acting in good faith!

  4. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Sadly, I still believe this is not enough. Pamela needs to leave immediately. Judith needs to leave immediately. And when I say leave, I don't mean step down to another executive position. I mean leave the organization. This bizarre circus of events has left me disillusioned with the NS SPCA. I will not longer support them in any way until I see some major changes for the better. Period.

  5. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Happy Birthday Joan!