Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Charlie Loves Halifax News

A couple months ago I was contacted by a reporter asking me if she could interview me for a magazine called "Canadian Retailer" - she wanted to highlight my "Charlie loves Halifax" website to talk about how I'd made it my mission to make stores more dog dog friendly, and of course I had no problems at all talking her ears off.
I got my copy of the magazine in the mail yesterday, so I was very excited. It is pretty neat. It's 2 pages long and it's called "Going to the Dogs - One woman on a mission to promote dog friendly stores. Is it time to welcome the rovers and fidos of the world into your shop?"
The magazine is sent to members of the Retail Council of Canada - so it's the perfect demographic for owners of dog friendly stores - so we may see an explosion of dog friendly stores in the near future! Wouldn't that be super? haha!
In the same vein, I spent several hours today with Eastlink television - one of their producers had also found my website - and they wanted to do a story about dog friendliness in the HRM too - so me, Charlie and Buttercup went to Point Pleasant Park, Atlantic News, and Canadian Tire and talked about shopping, walking, being a good dog in today's society. In between coughing and sneezing of course.
And Barbara the producer got to wear a "Pet Pocket" and carry Buttercup around for a little while too! Barbara is a cat owner and not a dog owner - but I think she might be warming up to the idea now that she's met Buttercup!!! The 4 minute piece should be airing the week of May 12th - so we'll have to look for it then!


  1. An excellent magazine article Joan - congratulations!

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Kudos to you, Joan! Congrats!!!

  3. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Joan!!!!! This is FANTASTIC!!!

    Thank you for your concerted efforts at getting the word out!!

    The blog and your website wouldn't be as successful if the content wasn't so interesting and articulate!

    You do a fabulous job even when I disagree with some of your perspectives..LOL! That doesn't happen often though.

    As a dog owner who wants a much more friendly HRM I want to say I appreciate all you do to promote this lifestyle!