Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some Interesting Tidbits from a Kijiji Thread about Celtic Pets Charges

There's some interesting stuff flowing around a Kijiji thread - that's probably going to be deleted now that I'm mentioning it on my blog - but it appears that the 4 "charges" that Zonda and Alice MacIsaac were "served" with last Friday - never actually were submitted with the Provincial Courts!

The only organizations they were "served" to - was the media. Can you believe that? It was only discovered yesterday when someone went to the Court house in Port Hawksbury looking for a copy of the charges that the MacIsaac's had been dealt - and the person at the court house said they hadn't received them yet. And then lo and behold suddenly - they received them at 2pm yesterday, April 1st, 2008.

I would hesitate to post this - except for the fact that - the NS SPCA hasn's issued any press release to go along with the pressing of the charges. Doesn't that seem a bit odd to you? You'd think they would've done that by now if they'd have actually done things correctly and processed the paperwork on Friday March 28, 2008 like they said they did to the media.

They certainly released press releases when they did the seizure and needed money for the animals - why not now when they laid the charges? Check it out for yourself - as of April 2nd - 6 days after the charges were supposed to be filed - no press released announced on their press release page on their website. What's up with that?

I don't know, I'm just asking the question.

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  1. SPCA provides a good service but they need people like you to keep their toes to the fire.