Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Zeus Cameron from Guysborough

Marilyn and Willard Cameron were caught up in the evil world of BSL here in rural Nova Scotia - but they loved their dog Zeus so much that they refused to give in to the tyrants that had thought up the stupid legislation that targets dogs and not the responsible agents - irresonsible owners. They knew their dog Zeus was a good dog and had never hurt anyone - nor would he ever.

So they fought a good and long battle - and they won their fight against the BSL in their district of the municipality of Guysborough, Nova Scotia - and showed the rest of Canada - that if you fight against stupid legislation - the battle can be won.

Zeus was an old dog when their battle started - and he was even older when they won, and yesterday - he died. In the home he had lived his life in - which is what EVERYBODY was fighting for. Yesterday Zeus went to heaven to wait for Marilyn and Willard not knowing that they changed the world for him. But he does know that he was able to die where he belonged - in his home.

And if the people who believe in BSL had gotten their way - that wouldn't have happened. Shame on them. May Zeus have a nice journey now, wherever he is.

These are a couple photos I took of Zeus that appeared in Dogs in Canada Magazine when the Cameron's won their court case - I've also got a small photo album of them at


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    RIP Zeus

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Godspeed dear Zeus. Having loving owners who will 'go to bat' for their dogs is what all should have. Zeus lived a wonderful life and will be missed.

  3. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Zeus, you are free to roam wherever you want..and always in the hearts of your family!

  4. Anonymous3:29 PM

    God Bless Zeus and his mom and dad. They must be heartbroken. But they deserve a pat on the back for not giving up on him and for making sure he lived out his life with his family. They now have an angel to watch over them.

  5. Anonymous7:48 AM

    May the Cameron's be a shining beacon to all owners of "dangerous dogs". Zeus was blessed to have a family who fought a long,hard battle to keep him where he rightfully belonged.

    Thank you Joan, for posting this message of hope......from myself and all others who feel the threat of BSL invading our province.

    Sincerely, rottnmom

  6. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Thanks Joan for posting this lovely tribute to Zeus...

    Dog Bless Marilyn and Willard who fought so hard...


  7. Anonymous11:17 AM

    May Zeus rest in peace. I am glad he was able to spend his last months with the family he so loved. BSL is wrong and discriminatory!
    There is currently a dog in Northern Ireland who was confiscated for being a "pitbull-type" dog - the family had found him as a stray and took him in, not knowing what he was. Once the North Down Borough Council of Bangor, Northern Ireland was notified, they took Bruce away and he is being held by RSPCA. Sadly, his condition has deteriorated badly in their care, and the family continues to lobby to have him back home. Check out his video here:
    It is very heartbreaking.

  8. Thanks Joan, for posting this notice, when Zeus was in so much peril, I prayed for him and his family, my friends all prayed for him as well. My condolences to his mom and dad, but walk tall, your boy is an angel now, and he will always be close to you. Pitifulpuss

  9. Anonymous6:08 PM

    I just came across this.
    I hadn`t heard that Zeus had passed away.
    Condolences to his family.
    I know he`ll be waiting for them.
    Many people should learn from the Camerons.
    No one should be bullied by Politicians whether it`s in Nova Scotia or Ontario or elsewhere.
    Don`t blindly accept the designation that your dog is "dangerous","vicious" or banned.
    Fight the Gov`t all the way.
    Don`t wait for an organization to fight for you.
    The Gov`t can be beat and the best people to beat them are the owners on a dog by dog case.
    No one cares about your dog as much as you do.
    When they start to see just how many owners will take them on,then maybe things will start to change.
    Force the Gov`t into Court if they seize or designate your dog as vicious based on breed/type or look.
    Don`t be paralyzed by fear.
    In my book the Camerons and Zeus are heroes.
    They had the right stuff.
    Many people would have folded,moved or dumped their dog.
    Be prepared to go to the mat for your dog.
    If you`re not prepared to do that then get a socially "acceptable" dog.
    These "special" dogs deserve "special" owners.
    Zeus had the best.