Sunday, April 6, 2008

Funny cartoon about border collies

This cartoon is for all my herding dog lover readers out there. I thought it was hilarious when I read it in the paper this morning. I spent the day in bed sick today - Buttercup and Jack had a great day as far as they were concerned - the dehydrators were full of liver so everytime we went in the kitchen they got a couple pieces of liver, AND they got to spend the day in bed. Charlie and Daisy would rather have been out for a run - but what can you do in this fickle world - sometimes you've got to be still.

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  1. Barry5:16 PM

    Just wanted to say I read your blog from time to time and truly appreciate what you're doing for the dogs! I live in Ottawa where over regulation is an everyday reality, I can't even roller-blade with my dog for fear of over $100 fine. Anyway, I one day hope to move back to the east coast. Hopefully to halifax, and am sure our paths will cross.

    Barry and Trice(great dane)