Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dairy Queen Largesse

My Dad and me went to Dairy Queen for a chocolate sundae tonight and we took all the dogs with us and the guy at the drive through asked us if we wanted some ice cream for the dogs too! We said that we had 4 dogs with us - and even still he made 4 ice cream sundaes for all the dogs - I was SO impressed! It was the Dairy Queen out in Bayer's Lake - I go there all the time without the dogs - I didn't know they were so dog friendly. What a great treat for the dogs, eh? They loved it when we got home.

I had to post these photos that I took of Buttercup on the weekend too - since she's going in for surgery tomorrow morning. My friend Maureen gave me this hat a little while ago. Doesn't Buttercup look cute?
I don't think Buttercup is feeling very cute though, she's feeling like a dog with a hat on
Here she's even lifting her leg submissively - "Mom, why did you put this thing on my head?"
"Ah, I feel much better now - the hat is gone - I am once again the queen of all I survey"

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  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Joan ... good luck with Buttercup's surgery tomorrow. She may need to go to DQ again as part of her recovery.