Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some very cute shots of Buttercup and Jack

My camera can take up to 6.5 shots per second and today I used that function for the first time - of Buttercup and Jack running towards me, and I think it was to great effect (in my own dog obsessed mind) - so I created a short slide show - these pictures took only about 2 seconds worth of time in real time, but of course a little bit longer than that for me to re-create.

Jack finished his part off with a nice flourish I thought. He figured he was going to get a nice liver treat at the end.

And I figured something out today regarding Buttercup's very bad back legs - of which I've been struggling with all winter - the longer the walk, the better they are! I've been taking her on short walks figuring that if I took her on short walks every day that would be better for her - but today we went for a very long walk and about 1/2 way through - when normally I'd be picking her up and we'd be heading back to the car, her confirmation straightened out and she was doing fabulously. So I think the key really is - a LOT of exercise is going to cure her awful luxating patella and atrophied muscles. That will be music to the ears of the big dogs.

Here's the slide show:

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