Saturday, February 9, 2008

Whew! I'm glad I'm starting to get my whits back. I've figured out who my anonymous commenter is who thinks I should shut my blog down, and I also think I know why she thinks that. I'm not going to say what I think her name is, but I think if I said her name has some of the same letters in it as BULLSHIT - anyone who knows her would know who I'm talking about. And they'd also know why she wants me to shut down my blog, seeing as how she called one of my former friends last week and said "you've got to do something about Joan's blog!" So now that I've figured out what the agenda is, I'm pretty comfortable with not shutting down my blog. Especially since I think in the coming months I'm going to have quite a bit of material to talk about.

So I'm feeling MUCH better now. What a load off my shoulders. Wow. I'm feeling SO much better now that I know it's just a dim-whit with an agenda.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming of pictures of Me, my dogs, my cat, my fish, whatever else I feel like ranting about along with pictures of the aforementioned that I've taken - as well as pictures of various and sundry pieces of rope or buoy booty - and most of all, me being UNAPOLOGETIC.


  1. I am leaving a comment on behalf of a friend who doesn't have a computer... she wanted to tell you Joan that she also knew Zonda and understands exactly what you are saying and she knows that there must have been something seriously wrong (mental illness) for someone who loved dogs so much not to see what she was doing. Keep your Blog going. Thanks.

  2. Yes, hoarding is a mental illness. No matter how horrible it is for the animals, it also is horrible for the hoarder. To learn more about hoarding go to:
    The solution to many problems, including problems with animals is to educate yourself, and to educate others.
    Good luck,