Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today's Halifax Kennel Club Show

There were some interesting dogs and some interesting vendors at today's Halifax Kennel Club Show -

There were 2 booths selling really neat things to wipe your dogs' down when they come in from the back yard, or you could also keep them in your car for when they jump in from coming back from walks -
they're sort of the same principle as oven mitts except that they're made from terry cloth. I thought they were really neat - so I bought a pair of them from both sellers! The first booth's name was called "Charity's Creations" run by Charity Visser and you can see she also sells dog beds and her email address is
The second lady - who makes the type that I took the picture of above - also sells dog treats and scarfs and stuff - goes to the Farmer's Market every Saturday and unforutnatly I didn't get her card.
These were really neat! These are dog beds made to fit into dog crates - but they're custom made and they're absolutely beautiful! The lady who makes them is Diane Langlois - and she makes them out of really good foam and puts a high quality mattress cover that's liquid proof and washable so that the foam will last forever - and she'll also do custom orders so that the bed can match the decor of wherever you want your crate to go - or you can put the dog bed right out in your living room. They have a zippered cover for easy washing. She lives here locally in Fall River and her email address is
I love poodles! Buttercup is part poodle, and Teddy, dog rest his soul - was a toy poodle. Isn't this guy beautiful?
I had to take a couple pictures of him/her
I feel head over heels in love with this guy! He is the biggest dog I've ever seen in my life. His name is Murphy, and he's 3 years old and the top of his head came to about the top of my shoulders. He had the most beautiful confirmation I've ever seen. Most great danes you see - their bones are all sticking out and their hips are starting to go, and they don't do stairs very well - this guy is perfect. I was absolutely blown away by him.
Look at this face.
This is my friend Maureen's table - we're going to be sharing a table at the Doggie expo on February 24th - I'll be selling my liver and she'll be selling her Urban Carnivore stuff.
These are a couple shots of the airedale terriers and the local President of the CKC showing one of her dogs.

I love this shot of this dog - his ears have gone flat and his tail is crooked - he somehow looks happy and goofy!

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  1. Those rubs are a great idea, as is the crate bed with the water/pee proof cover. I may get in touch with that lady - thanks for sharing the info!