Monday, February 11, 2008

Introducing a new family member

This is Jack this is him lounging in the middle of my living room floor
a shot of his eyes - he's always had eye issues - but lately they've gotten a bit worse, unfortunately
him getting a scratch from me in the back of his head - he seems to enjoy that - it also turns out he's crazy for liver - which is a good thing in my house! Seeing as how I make the stuff
Him going out for his first pee - let's hope he keeps it up!
Buttercup being very unimpressed as usual! She's been hanging out on my Dad's bed the whole evening - she likes being the only small dog - but she's been getting awfully lazy lately and I think she can use a little competition - any exercise is good exercise I'd say!
Jack checking out the kitchen

Where he finds the water bowl - excelsior!


  1. Jack is a lucky boy to have Joan invite him into her family, and spoil him with liver treats. He looks SO happy!...and he deserves some happiness.

  2. Yay for Jackie! I know he's going to have a great recovery with you Joan. :) Buttercup will get over herself eventually, lol!