Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jack goes to the Vet

Today Jack went to the vet - he wasn't too happy about it - he's pretty much blind - but one of his eyes is completely sunken in and his third eyelid has swollen up, and I was a bit worried about it - so we went to the vet out in Tantallon - Westwood Hills Vet Clinic - which is where Animal Rescue Coalition gets their vet work done, and we had some stuff done.
I learned first of all that Jack has a condition called "keratoconjunctivitis sicca" which went untreated for way too long, so it's afffected his sight in a very negative way - but he still does have some sight in his right eye. I got some drops so that we can maintain what he does have in that eye - which is a good thing.
The vet tech also cleaned is ears, gave him a microchip so he never gets lost again, shaved off all the horrible mats that were on his body, and cut his nails. Some of his nails had grown so long that they had curled around and grown into his pads - I think tonight he's actualy tripping around because he can't quite remember how to walk without walking on his really long nails - but he was also sedated too - I was wishing I could have had some of that too!
This is him with his now very skinny legs - I'm going to try and give him a bath tomorrow night and then get him a proper grooming - I think he's going to be very beautiful. I don't see Buttercup CAN'T fall in love with him after that!


  1. Excellents dogs, Joan, thank you.
    I love dogs.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Yay Jack (I'm saying that a lot lately, lol!)! Sounds like he was a pretty good boy at the vet.

    I saw a cat at the temp shelter with nails completely grown into it's pads - I didn't think that was possible! Poor kids... :(