Friday, February 15, 2008

Jack goes to the Beauty Parlour at Tailwagrrrs

Today was a very busy day - this is sort of a double duty post, because Jack went and got his first hair cut - and we went to the newly opened K9 Wellness Center - Kathleen Tailwagrrs out on the Bedford Highway. Kathleen Duffy used to be the groomer at Metro Dog Wash, and she's opened her own fabulous new place - and it looks awesome.
This is the front of the store, which is across the street from Clearwater Lobsters - so it's pretty hard to miss - she's going to have adirondack chairs in the summerstime if you want to hang outside while your dog eats the delectable mutt muffins you've just bought for him while you have some water or free coffee that they'll have available - because part of the business is a K9 Cafe and Doggy bakery. Won't that be neat?
This is her main store area - she's of course got a doggy bakery because she's the smart person behind mutt muffins and doggy birthday cakes - so she's also going to be offering "birthday Pawties and other functions" at her store. She's also going to have a doggy day care which is set up at the back of the building - with a separate area for small doggies and bigger dogs.
This is another photo of the boutique - and so is the below photo -
This seating area looks out onto the cafe area - another thing that the store will be offering is a self serve dog wash - on the weekends - and if you adopt a dog from a local rescue like the SPCA or Bide-a-wile or ARC - your first self-serve dog wash is FREE! Isn't that super!
These were 2 of the resident doggy day care customers there today - they seemed to be pretty happy to be there! Lots going on!

So now we get to Jack's haircut photos - the transformation was beautiful - I'll just let the photos tell the story....

Didn't he turn out beautifully? He's such a handsome boy now!
You put him in a room of dogs and he just looks like a normal little llasa apso! Yea!
These are some shots from the bed tonight - he loves love, that's for sure...

Daisy is looking like she's been caught in the act of something....
This is one of Jack's tricks we've discovered - he'll stand up looking for treats. It's pretty cute!
So this is out on our walk tonight - I've bought him a matching leash to Buttercup's and made a matching end - and I put a COAT on him. #1 - I don't think he's ever had a coat on before because he kept shaking - like as if he had water on him, shaking. And he also wouldn't move. I think he hasn't felt bare ground in so long because he had so much hair on his body that he was all freaked out - because he absolutely did NOT want to be outside! Our walk last about 10 minutes. And he pulled us all home. Jack is one FUNNY dog! And I also had to remove his coat about 1/2 way through our 10 minute walk! So much for having a second frou frou dog! Probably the pearl necklaces are out too!


  1. I just can't believe he went unhomed for soooooo long when he's behaving so beautifully. I sure looks like he's enjoying all of the attention.

    His pictures just break my heart. Do you think he's feeling pain still?

  2. except for the eye, and the teeth, he looks so much like Oscar after I shave him. But better, since my shaves are not professional by any means, lol!