Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I took the day off today to settle everybody in and everything's going super. I have never seen a dog SO happy to be put onto a bed as this little guy was last night when we went to bed - he spent about 1/2 an hour rolling and snorting and rubbing himself before he finally settled on one of the pillows at the top of the bed - luckily it's not a part of the bed that Buttercup is the queen of - Buttercup has the fiefdom of the OTHER side of the bed, luckily - the part Jack has chosen is free for the taking.
This is Jack discovering the cat bed under the computer table - what a FIND! I don't know if Whisky's going to agree the next time he comes in for a snooze though! haha
Daisy and Buttercup missing the middle of the sandwich which is me...
Jack with the toy he came with - a boomerang that he is VERY fond of!
Sometimes dogs can talk - this is Charlie saying - where's that treat you always give me when I've gone out to make my poop!
Okay - I won't scream so loud - now will you give me that treat?

Sometimes taking a good photo is difficult when you're trying to juggle a dog and take a picture when your camera weighs about 5 pounds - these 2 photos are the best I could do tonight when I was trying to take photos of Buttercup on my chest and Jack laying next to us - Jack seems very happy to just lay next to us - which is very good news for me.

1 comment:

  1. So far so good - awesome news!

    Oscar likes to roll and snort and all that fun stuff at bedtime too.

    Then he'll do it again in the morning when I've vacated my spot and he takes it over, lol!