Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some Fish and Some Dogs

My fish tank is getting very full of platy babies, and also - some of my platy adults are getting absolutely huge. I took some photos of my tank today.

I love my fish tank and all my fishes in it. They are so interesting to watch and they actually have personalities.

This is from left to right a male guppy, a platy and a female guppy
This is a white cloud minnow, of which I have five - and I've had these five fish the longest of any fish - they're probably getting onto 3 years old now and seem to be very healthy and happy and haven't slowed down a bit. They're egg layers so they've never had any babies - platys and guppies I've had literally 100's of babies - the tank is currently chock a block. I've got a 30 gallon tank right now, I may have to reopen my 20 gallon soon, but one of the local fish stores might take my babies, which is good - they sell them 3 for $9.99 - so really, it'd be worth their while.

Today I had a really bad headache and Buttercup and Daisy spent the whole day in bed with me - they are such good companions. Buttercup didn't leave my side for one second.
Daisy may perhaps be the most photogenic rottweiller/doberman mix in the whole of the HRM...

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