Friday, January 18, 2008

Bark & Fitz is awesome!

Today I finally got around to going to Bark & Fitz on Doyle Street downtown in Halifax - they've only been open forever now - and I was completely bowled over by the stuff they have. They have got a ton of good stuff - lots of super collars and leashes, and really cute harnesses and coats - and even coats that go up all the way to sizes for large dogs - which was really nice to see. They had shampoos that I've never seen before - and one thing they had that I thought was really neat was dehydrated tripe - I wonder what the dogs would think of that? I bet it'd be really healthy for them to eat though!

This is the display case with their fancy cookies
They had cookies in the shape of hotdogs - isn't that neat! haha!
This was a little dog trying out one of those "Whistler" rain coats - Buttercup has always wanted to have one of these!
Here are some of their leashes and collars - the more dazzling ones - they also had the smoochy-pooochy leashes as well - and other brands too - and also a WHOLE WALL of Planet Dog stuff
A WHOLE DISPLAY CASE of PINK STUFF! I was in heaven....
This is Charlie displaying what I bought for him -
A bottle of dog coat deodorizer - continuing on with the theme that my Dad thinks the big dogs smell funny - I bought some doggy perfume - at $16 a bottle - I hope he smells like Jennifer Lopez now! It's called "Pet Aromatics"
I do have to say though that Buttercup was VERY unimpressed that I didn't buy anything for her! Maybe next time.

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