Monday, January 7, 2008

I LOVE my new camera!

I think I've said a couple times that I got a new camera for Christmas - a fabulous Canon Rebel E0S D40 Digital SLR camera. I am loving it, if only I could figure out how to use it. Usually I'm an afficiando of reading manuals before I start to use something - but for some reason I haven't had time to read the manual for this camera yet, so I've been hit or miss in taking photos - but when I get a good one, it's been a very nice photo - and the camera just FEELS nice, too.

Yesterday my family and me were out at Peggy's Cove - so I've now added to the millions of photos of the lighthouse by about 6 or 7 - and I've gotten a couple nice pictures of my Dad and the dogs too. It's great... here's a couple -

If this isn't a glamour shot, I don't know what is! She IS the most beautiful dog in the world!

This is my beautiful Dad
This is a bracelet that I found at the Sou-wester gift shop and thought was a neat idea - nautical knots produced by a local company, and then I looked at the bottom of it and it said "Made in China" - and I thought to myself - is nothing sacred anymore? What a disappointment!!!!!
2 of my photos from Peggy's Cove yesterday

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