Friday, January 4, 2008

Buttercup AND Daisy go to the Beauty Parlour & Some photos from the week + Shubie Park

This is the sign at one of the entrances to Shubie with the map and stuff - I can get lost with the best of maps though! And there were actually poop bags there too, which is also a good sign!

It's very interesting to note that THIS map - which is on the HRM's website at shows a lot more trails than the above map, which is at the entrance to the actual park - which you get to by going onto the Waverley Road in Dartmouth, and then turning left onto Fairbanks Street - which is just a couple seconds beyond the Tim Horton's which is also on your left when you're coming up the Waverley Road - I suggest you Mapquest it, because I am NO GOOD with directions, sorry.

This week we went and checked out Shubie Park - which is one of the new off-leash pilot project areas - and maybe it's because it was still the week after Christmas - but there were a TON of people and their dogs there! I have to say it was really confusing which were on-leash as opposed to off-leash areas - in fact, as a person who was there for the first time - I found it impossible to tell which was on and off-leash except for the signs telling me I was "entering and off-leash area" and signs "entering an on-leash area" - but if I was on a trail that didn't start with that sign - I would've been buggered.
These are photos of Charlie rubbing himself on a bush - he likes to scratch himself on bushes - isn't he just the cutest?

These pictures were taken down by Lake Mic Mac where there's a quite big open area that's off-leash that I'm told there can be as many as 15-20 dogs playing around together on the weekends - that sound like fun for those that can handle it!

A Shubie squirrel - yummy!
This is Greta - a very good dog to play with!

A long shot of the walk - a good time had by all.

Next week Buttercup might be on tv, so we went and got her a proper haircut at the Metro Dog Wash with Kathleen. She is currently looking like a million bucks.

Another thing we did was to give Daisy a bath - the first one she's had in her entire life! I can tell you that she wasn't very happy about it! Petrified would be a better answer - but my Dad - who is living with me and for some reason likes to have things around him smelling nice - thinks Daisy smells rather like a DOG - so a bath is what she got - and she is now smelling like a rose. Yea!
Hopefully next time she won't be quite so unhappy about the experience now that she's gone through it once with a professional! Thanks Leah! haha! She definitely earned her wages today!

Now here's some wasted money spent this week - I bought a rubber chicken dog toy for the dogs - it makes this absolutely fabulous loud chicken squealing noise and the thing is all tarted up like a cheap peking duck - it is absolutely precious - I brought it home from the pet store and started to squeak her and everybody ran with their legs between their tail! Their all terrified of the noise she makes. What a disappointment!
Of course Charlie is an absolute plugger and will let me take his picture with her - but no one will play with her. She's a $15 piece of plastic waste. I've got to figure out another way to use her as a prop. I'll have to think on that.

Here's a picture of nap time this week - guess which part of the bed I got. I AM a human pretzel. And I wouldn't have it any other way - but I have to say - I am SO glad I get to do it now in a double bed - trying to do this in a twin bed was IMPOSSIBLE. There was absolutely no space for me in a twin bed.

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  1. BWAHAHA! Delta would love that rubber chicken!

    Your pictures are great, as usual, and yay for Daisy getting her first bath finally. Now she's a BIG girl. :) Try to do it every 2 or 3 months whether she needs it or not. She eats well so I wouldn't worry too much about baths stripping her oils if a mild shampoo is used.